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Found 9 results

  1. I needed an antidote to all the chrome, candy and flake I've been using on my recent builds. weathering makes a nice change from polishing. It was fun. I shall do more. I wired the engine and detail painted it. I don't know why. It can't be seen, now the body is on. I just enjoy the whole process, I guess. there's a bit of junk chucked in the back and in the cab and some delinquent garçons have tagged it, while it sat in a Paris suburb. a while ago, the tail light lens was broken. The lens hasn't been replaced and a bare bulb now shows. A Gauloise was lit in its honour. The note on the windshield says they're at lunch,( which is from about 11am to 4:30 pm. Longer, if it's wet/cold/hot or a weekday.)
  2. Slipping back to 1/24 and we are off to the races at Le Mans. The tow vehicle is a Citroen ID 19 break. (aka station wagon to those of us across the pond).
  3. Really enjoyed building this Ebbro kit. Parts fit pretty well. Lots of small details included in the kit.
  4. Haven't been with the building program too much lately so trying to catch up on editing photos for various shows since our season is getting started again. This is a nice street faire that the neighborhood businesses and association puts on and usually have an interesting turn out of cars. https://whulsey.smugmug.com/Cars/2016-03-05-Melrose-on-7th-Ave-Phoenix-AZ/i-JmZGpBc Was going to give a few examples, but won't upload.
  5. I can't believe how long it took me to get around to building these models. Maybe a year! I thought they would be Winter 2015 builds. Of the bunch, the Trabant was the toughest, mostly because of the trim. With the other builds, I tried my hand at making workable hinges and it turned out ok. I used reference photos of the 1:1 cars to decide on the color schemes. Purchased some aftermarket decals for the Renault.
  6. Pretty straightforward kit, except the dashboard had no detail whatsoever. Pulled gauge decal from Ebbro Citroen pickup kit. Other details are bits and pieces scrounged from here and there. Added valve stems to wheels. whole underside lightly weathered... Thanks for looking!
  7. Hi, another kit finished.. Citroen DS3 WRC '13.. Heller kit.. a like the final result..
  8. First kit of 2015. Nice kit.
  9. I don't believe I've posted anything about this build on this forum. I know I did on the Spotlight board. As I'm into light commercial, I really like this old Citroen line of trucks offered by Heller. There are several in the series. There is a Citroen Normandee woody pickup (the other kit I won that week) as well as a Waterman (French fountain pen company) van and a hotel shuttle bus. I did manage to find a bunch of research photos on the Internet, including a few varieties of the bus. I didn't find any of a real Bordens van. I used to see them cheap at shows and managed to collect them all, but that dried up years ago. When I see them going cheap on eBay, I'll bid but usually lose. Imagine my surprise when I won two for around $20 each in the same week. I did want to have one for parts for when I build the others, as well as wanting a set of those wheels and tires for another build. The above Bordens truck was the first to come in the mail, and since it got a USPS hole in the box (yea, straight through one of those tough Priority Mail boxes too), I decided to just build it. These trucks don't have a ton of parts but are nicely detailed. They have a very vague construction, and there are a lot of tiny fragile parts. Think about the assembly of early Revell kits. Heller also has the chassis building up inside the finished fender unit, instead of separate, which was a challenge. See above photo. I know how to build that better the next time. Also they expect you to build up the body from separate panels once they are finished and painted. Not easy at all. I'm struggling with this step right now. Another idea that looks good in theory but doesn't work in real life. These parts are held together by a flexible but very thin bit of plastic. Even while attacking the large ejector pins on the inside of these panels, they will split apart. I wound up gluing them together, using a bit of metal rod on the matching seam on the inside. Like I said above, there were a ton of photos of vehicles on the Internet. These are like the Model T of French cars and seem to be widely popular. The same vehicles were light commercial trucks and both open and closed sedans. I did notice that there is an open touring car as part of the Heller series. Guess I'll be needing to get that one! This engine shot is worth a thousand words. There are a few differences between this and the engine supplied in the kit. The kit engine has the top hose closer to the front of the engine, and the kit engine only has two blades on the fan. I never saw that before. I used it since it's cool. The next post will be my actual build to date. Hope you enjoyed the background on the kit.
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