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  1. Hey all! it's been a while but it's good to be back. Some of you may remember my last project of that 70's Baldwin Motion camaro, well a lot has happened since then. Namely, the birth of our 2nd boy and a new job! So needless to say, i've been a bit busy and not much free time for modelling. But things are finally stabilizing and i thought i'd jump back in the saddle with some practice cars. I learned a lot from the camaro [which was basicaly my first attempt] and i wanted to practice a few of those things on some sacrificial cars. I scored a couple of C4 corvettes for $5 each and th
  2. Working on a project this is one of my Dad's Cars does anyone know where I could find a set of black finned aluminum "WIEAND" valve covers like in the engine picture?
  3. Got this kit a couple weeks ago. It's a Monogram kit. I've been wanting a 57 for awhile now, so I thought I'd pick it up. The kit isn't too bad, but I did have some issues. The glass for the windsheild was bigger than the frame! I also had an issue with the front suspension fit. There is also a hole for a radiator hose on the engine, but no hose, nor mention of one in the directions. I also hate the lack of decals. However, I think it came out well. I found a picture of a car just like it and copied the paint scheme. I wanted a two tone interior, and I liked the paint scheme of t
  4. Hello. I`m searching for the the Grand Sport intake setup (see picture). So here are some questions. 1: Does any aftermarket vendors make complete setup for Chevrolet small & big block engines? 2: Is there any model kits avaliable with this setup today? Thanks Tommy
  5. I was just looking around the Tower Hobbies website when I spied an entry for a 2014 Corvette Stingray, due late December of 2014! I know nothing more about it except the suggested retail is $15.95.
  6. I built this Goodwrench Chevy Corvette C5-R using the Revell pre-painted kit. It was quick and easy build and looks nice on the shelf with a little extra decal and paint work. As always, there more pics and all the details on my site at the link. http://www.svensworldofwheels.com/C5-Rpage.htm
  7. A while ago I posted a topic where I was asking how should I build a Pro Mod car body, as they are far from original bodies. I got excellent responses, and here I am starting my first true Pro Modified build. My plan is to build a car that could actually race and that would be NHRA Legal. This is actually practising for my next Pro Modified Drag Car that will be a '60 Impala. I haven't done much progress yet, but I wanted to post this thread here already and do this as a Step By Step build simply because then the Pro Mod guys on this forum can point out if I make mistakes easily before it'
  8. This will be my summer project. I haven't been on the forum for quite some time. I did a 55 Chevy last summer and I have yet to post pics of that in another post. This one will be a stock build as true to original as I can do with the supplies I have available. I'll update with pics as often as I can. I'm going for completion in just a couple weeks. Keep me on track!
  9. Hello, after my Nomad project came to a end, I decided to start a Corvette Grand Sport (the 60s one, of course) I've spent the last 2 weeks opening this up and just staring at all these magnificent parts, making me want to put down the Nomad and work on this, but I finished the Nomad before my wanting to start this kit took over... This won't be superdetail, it's going to be fairly box-stock (yawn, I know) and I just want to do a good job on this. Surprisingly, the molding on this is fairly good, not a lot of flashing, good details, not bad... The chrome, as usual on a Revell kit, i
  10. The Monogram Pro-Modeler kit from some years ago. I really enjoyed this kit, and have another in the stash. I'm thinking of building it as silver with black coves to complement this one. Most of my buildups live in a display case, but dust still seems to seep in. And the camera is certainly unforgiving of mistakes that might go a little less noticed to the casual observer! But hey, I build for fun - mostly!
  11. Hello everyone, This is a Revell kit, built box stock...I saw this paint scheme on a subscription card for a 1:1 magazine. On a late model Camaro. Thought it would be fun to try on a scale model. Hand masked graphics sprayed with de-canted Tamiya rattle can paint, through an airbrush. Hand lettered detail : engine, tires, under hood logo. Sorry for the old stuff..!
  12. Hi, this is my Compuware Corvette race car, I am pretty please with how it turned out. Enjoy
  13. Hi all,,heres my version of the 1/25th Revell 68' vette,,,,I did it as a combo car,,drag/Tran-am style,,sortof like you could use the car for either style. I did a few mods to it,,different windshield,rims + tires,scratch built roll bar,put wing on the trunk deck. Side pipe headers are from the spare parts bx. Put different headrests on seats. Other than that its the stock kit. Just a different spin on the Vette,,thanks for looking,,and happy building!
  14. My year was pretty simple. Four completed builds and two Olde Kustom restorations. Doesn't sound like much, but it's probably my banner year. First off the bench was the Studebaker Miss Deal funny car that I did as part of the 24 Hour Build that Gary Kulchock and friends host every year. It was fun and very interesting to participate. '34 Ford Rat Rod was to be finished over the Christmas break, but it had too much work left on it to finish in time. I also didn't want to push it since I was having fun, and I added a lot of detail that wasn't part of the plan. It finally rolle
  15. I am pulling the remaineder of my hair out searching for info about Testors Car Colors spray paints from circa 1983 - late 1985 . This line of aerosols was replaced in Fall 1985 by the then-new Model Masters line . Am I the only one whom recalls this short-lived line of paints ? If anyone else recalls these paints , please share your recollections here ; and it's even better if you've got photos / links !
  16. Wow! Some really special Corvettes : http://blog.hemmings.com/index.php/2013/07/24/mako-shark-sting-ray-and-manta-ray-to-help-kick-off-lemays-corvette-exhibit/?refer=news More pictures inside
  17. Here is one that I have been messing with off and on. I figured I would try to throw this one together but really have not done that much with it yet. I have a hurt hand from an injury a few weeks ago so it is kinda hard to work on anything at the moment. I have had the Baldwin Motion Vette for a while but it was missing the body and the wheels and the motor. I found the rebel racer at Hobby Lobby for $7 and used it as a doner.
  18. Hi everyone, I am new to models and this forum. I decided to animate my first build. I bought an older Ghost Rider Corvette kit from a shop that had helped out a man that was unable to build models anymore due to deteriorating health. Some of the parts were melted from age, but i think it added to character. I hope you enjoy this video. It was a lot of fun to make. Thank you, Fred Stoverink
  19. Since its Christmas I mite as well share my new pro mod project a 2009 zr1
  20. AMT 57 Corvette Street Machine with a 98 Indy Pace Car Powertrain/Interior.
  21. Hi guys, I made this Corvette Stingray Sidecar concept out of two AMT kits, cutting apart the fender corners and bringing them back together. The tank, basic engine block and front tire are from an old (Entex?) Kawasaki street bike that I found in the parts box. The PE front disk and two other tires are orphan parts. The rest is scratch built. I turned aluminum wheels, gas cap, instrument pods and trim rings out of aluminum and turned some red toothbrush handle for the tail lights. The instrument faces are just reduced laser prints that were gotten from the VDO website. The front forks a
  22. Building my first "pro touring"-type model. A 57 Corvette street Machine and a '98 Indy Pace Car is what I'm using. Trying to figure out which way to go with interior. Got the stance and the drivetrain done so far, I'll add a turbo next: Big Block )a litle too big...just means a custim hood cutout
  23. Hi I`ve wanted to do a "truefire" paintjob for a long time. Finally i desided to give it a shot. I see i have to do a little more on the right side to get more "flow" of the design Please let me know what you think and what i can do better next time
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