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Found 5 results

  1. 1/25 scale mpc knight rider knight 2000 kit i heavily modified the nose and dash for to match the season 3 version junkyard dog KITT.mp4 i have the music that played in the junkyard dog episode during them rebuilding KITT scenes and the reapplying the molecular bonded shell and black finish scenes playing in the background of this model build video
  2. this is the aoshima knight Rider season 4 KITT kit I glued the headlights closed as they no longer opened them for night driving scenes which was put into effects late season 2 and were to only use the fog lights for night driving scene also in season 4 the front nose was redesigned and made more angular by famous car customizer George Barris he also designed and built the convertible mode and super pursuit mode aka spm for season 4 I custom made the tow bar receiver that would connect the hero car to a Camera truck for driving scenes with the actors in KITT out on actual roads they also had a tow bar receiver on the insert car also I also did a couple edited pics of the model
  3. this is a replica of the hero car used in season 1 and 2 I made this using two different original 1/25 scale mpc knight rider models one was almost complete kit that had some parts melted to the tires and a partial glue bomb built up I basically just swaped the body hood and glass from the glue bomb built up with the ones from the almost complete kit the some of the engine bay parts and turbo jet engine came from spare Jada 1/24 scale die-cast KITT I also used the dash decals from it also I scratch built the tow bar receiver that allowed both the hero car the insert car and the back up to the hero car to be attached to a Camera truck so they could film out on the actual roads with the either just David or David and someone else in the car doing driving scenes it is also how you can tell if the car on screen is one of the 3 cars mentioned above or one the stunt cars which did not have the tow bar receiver
  4. I made this using another original mpc 82 firebird kit that was partly built and painted I popped it apart and redid it as one of the three general purpose hardtop stunt car KITTs they used during all 4 seasons of the show the car I made I replica of here had a pretty much factory stock nose except for the fog lights in the lower front end the the scanner light that this car also had a skid plate under the car to protect the easily damaged parts like the transmission and suspension and oil pan it was also one of the 3 cars that had high traction drop downs on the front and rear suspension that when engaged would raise either the back of body or front of the body or both front and back of the body of the car up so it would sit higher off the ground and give the stock tires more traction in sand or dirt This car was in the several episodes across all 4 seasons but only a total of 77 seconds of footage of it in total across all those episodes most of this footage is from season 3 two part season opener knight of the drones i have a actual piece of music from the actual show playing in the background of the video
  5. Okay, I was in my local hobby shop yesterday. (A day off AND a hobby shop run! On a Friday! WOOT!) The owner has a good selection of car kits, and constantly brings in his older stuff so that people can buy them, if the want to. Normally, there's not a lot exciting. However, this week, I bagged the MPC (Fundimensions issue) Mustang SVO (1984) and the MPC/Ertl Knight Rider KITT model. Both were still sealed. Neither are now. I couldn't resist. I've wanted both for a while, and while I know they're not worth as much open, I don't care, because models need to be free! Anyway, looking at KITT, I was pretty confused. The kit is a 1986 issue, and has a "vented" nose, kind of like the breathers on a 1980 TA, vs. the flat plate grilles on a normal 3rd Gen T/A. Normally, KITT is seen with lights in that spot, even before Season 4 when he got tons of lights. I've seen some pics of KITTs with the vents "open" (I think) to reveal a few lights. What the what is correct? I see that there's a large-scale Mattel version of KITT that has the exact same grilles as this 1/25 kit, so now I'm confused even more. Does anyone know what is up with this nose? Okay, then it gets REALLY weird. I noticed that the kit of KITT has "Turbo" written on the fender, has no side extractors (while KITT seems to in real life) and it has a small badge on the sail panel (B-pillar). Even odder, there is an Indianapolis "winged wheel" emblem low on the fender. Now, I know that there was a pace car of the 1989 GTA Turbo versions. I found some pictures on the net of the badging, and it's dead on. The "Turbo" writing is the same, the winged wheel is the same and in the same place. The KITT kit comes with a GTA-type hood, with the vents, as well as the real KITT hood. The model also comes with a wraparound GTA-type spoiler. However, there is NO cladding on the lower body, like GTAs had (and in fact, where the winged wheel is). The "Turbo", a GTA like badge on the sail and the winged wheel are moulded in. WTF? Can anyone shed any light on this? How is it possible that an '86 kit would have the body of an 89 GTA Turbo in it? The model is definitely original; that's how it was when I popped open the celophane. Also, the model has the right "scanner" on the front to peek through, so I'm pretty sure that's the right body shell. Is this thing a time traveller, or am I missing something obvious. Thanks, guys!
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