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Found 12 results

  1. So the last thing I need is yet another WIP Thread... or Project.... but this one hit me as something I had to attempt. The Web/Internet theme for the 2020 NNL east is this newly re-issued 63 impala kit, this kit has the "advanced custom parts" and asymmetrical front and rear treatments. Upon seeing these currently and in past reissues, I have heard myself and others go "ewe, well there are parts no one will ever use" .. well... I decided to challenge myself to make something out of this for NNL East. My first though was an offset cab surf board hauler.. but then when I cut the roof off and set it back on in a Cab-Forward layout... something clicked... ShowRod Hauler! What if Ed Roth was given a 1963 Impala to customize as he wished to haul his various vehicles to shows... Maybe even keep the surf theme and toss a couple Surfites on there... Im not sure yet...but the ideas are flowing. Here is the current progress, A couple days into the fun... Front and rear treatments installed... roof removed... I shifted the asymmetrical portion of the grill/hood over approximately 1/4" to match the rear treatment.... it bothered me it wasnt the same. Then onto the roof.... removed 1-1/8" from the roof, reassembled and re-installed.
  2. We are inviting everyone to join us for our show on September 10, 2023. The location will be in Tonawanda NY. You can visit our web site www.nnlbuffalo.com for more Details
  3. So, the web theme for NNL East this year is the AMT 63 Impala kit that was reissued last year: I did some brainstorming on what to do and was pretty much set on doing some form of drag car with the kit, until I saw this 63 online: I think it’s a hearse conversion, but it’s retained the low roofline of the stock car, and seems to be a sedan which has had the rear window moved back and the roof lengthened rather than using the more-logical (but rarer, I assume?) station wagon as a basis. Then, I fell down a rabbit hole of reading about the interesting world of ‘street freaks’... ...and a plan was born! I figured a street freak version of that hearse would be a pretty interesting build, and I liked the idea of combining some of those gasser influences into a street car. A quick mockup before I started hacking plastic... I can already tell that this build is going to involve more scratch building than I planned on, not least because the kit chassis has almost everything moulded in, but I’ll start with the fun stuff. My plan is similar to what the builder of that 1:1 seems to have done - just lengthen the roof and slide that rear window right back. Used my new Tamiya scriber, mostly, to score some lines like so... Then removed the rear deck lid from the section I’d removed: And reattached the rear window portion as far back as it would go: Those black styrene strips are to keep it aligned whilst the glue dried, and to give me something to attach a new panel to, to extend the roof: The roof panel itself is pretty flat, but those curved edges seemed like they were going to be tricky to recreate so I built up a little thickness of styrene bar in the gaps so that I can sand them smooth and shape them to match the existing shape: And that’s about where I’m at so far - I’ll get some sanding and shaping done on the body tomorrow when the glue’s set up, and then we can start figuring out how tricky it’s going to be to make this thing into a jacked up pseudo-Gasser! More soon, soon as I’ve done more!
  4. I was looking at the themes for NNL East next year and the main theme is “Known Survivors - original old customs from our youth”. I don’t remember any customs from my youth ??. Well, maybe KITT from Knight Rider, if that even counts... I was wondering what imagery that prompt brought to anyone else’s mind...anyone building something cool for this theme for next year’s show? I’d love to build something for this, but I definitely need some help with inspiration...
  5. I was at NNL East a couple of weeks ago and took a few photos. Really impressed with the great model cars at the show, need lots more practice and talent to match up with most of models on display - great inspiration to keep trying. If you haven't been to NNL East yet, it is definitely worth the trip. Link: https://photos.app.goo.gl/1VAaum5iV6tvSpXdA
  6. Now that the dust has settled and we've gotten a full night's sleep, here are the results from NNL East, April 21, 2018 Many thanks to the Tri-State Scale Model Car Club members for all their hard work and dedication to producing the best show we possibly can. The official NNL East Photo Album is up and running! See the link below: NNL East Official Photo Album
  7. Since I will not be able to attend NNL East this year, I thought I would look at the photos I took last year. I think you may enjoy looking at them too. There are over 1,000 photos at the link to Google+. https://plus.google.com/u/0/photos/109795296019003728412/album/6394813194677595297?authkey=CLmR6f6CsNrzuQE
  8. Im trying to find out the name of the vendor at NNL East that was at the end of the same row as Don Yost. They had some racks with wheels and some resin delivery vans. I forgot to get his flyer or card. Thanks.
  9. Hey everyone, the NNL East 2014 website is up and running! Please check out our website for information on our 2014 show. The site also has the results for NNL East shows 2003-2013 and links to our annual photo site with over 1,000 photos per year from the show! Check us out at:http://www.nnleast.com
  10. This was spotted at the 2014 NNL East show. Kudos to the builder for taking on the challenge.
  11. Hello everyone, there was a lot of link on the NNL EAST, I wanted to participate with these pictures. By the time I returned to France the following http://public.fotki.com/Zelkam/expositions/27-th-nnl-east-2013-usa/
  12. 1 Pal Drive, Wayne, New Jersey 9 am to 3 pm. Check out our website for more information and hotel rates. http://www.nnleast.com
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