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Found 8 results

  1. …..some of you may already know about this, but for those that don't, I am copying here an announcement on Facebook from one of the NNL Founders, Chuck Helppie (who was also the MPC National Champion for 1977), regarding additional NNL-related activities that are planned for the Friday evening preceding, and the Saturday evening following, what will be the last-ever NNL Nationals in Sylvania, Ohio this October. I don't participate on Facebook, but for those of you who do, I recommend you follow the Facebook page Chuck has setup for developments as they occur. I believe you can find it by doing a search on Facebook for "NNL Founders Present...." Here is the text of the initial announcement: ************************* "All model car builders are invited to join us October 11-12, 2019 in Toledo, Ohio for the largest gathering of historical models in the history of our hobby. We are creating a "Ring of Honor" to showcase the most significant models of all time. We are bringing together in one location as many of the National Champions from 1960-2019 who we can locate. Revell/Pactra and Revell/Testors champions from the 1960's; MPC National Champions from the 1970's; and GSL Best of Show winners from the event’s beginning are invited. We are also calling for ALL model car magazine cover cars to join us as well. Mark Gustavson (honorary NNL Founder) will also be joining us for what we envision to be the once-in-a-lifetime “Woodstock” of our hobby. Friday night, October 11, 2019 at the Radisson at the University of Toledo: Banquet celebrating our model car hobby with special guest speakers and stories. Saturday afternoon, October 12, 2019: Original NNL Nationals in nearby Sylvania, Ohio Saturday night, October 12, 2019 at the Radisson at the University of Toledo: The unveiling of the “Ring of Honor” and the largest single gathering of model car magazine cover cars ever held! Room reservations may be made at the Radisson at the University of Toledo by calling (419)381-6800 and requesting the “NNL 40th Anniversary Celebration.” We have 50 rooms with free breakfast blocked out for our group. Come join us for the party! ******* Many of us are sad to see the NNL Nats end its annual run as the original non-competitive model car event this fall, but Chuck's plans sound like a heckuva way to celebrate this milestone in our hobby! In talking with Chuck about the event, it sounds to me like he is working to recreate some of the comradery and the infectious fun environment that made up so much of the earliest NNL Nationals events, while also honoring and celebrating every one who has made Adult Model Car Building such an enjoyable hobby for us all. If you have any questions, I recommend you contact Chuck directly via the above Facebook page....and, be sure to keep up with the plans as they develop. Best....TIM
  2. Now that the dust has settled and we've gotten a full night's sleep, here are the results from NNL East, April 21, 2018 Many thanks to the Tri-State Scale Model Car Club members for all their hard work and dedication to producing the best show we possibly can. The official NNL East Photo Album is up and running! See the link below: NNL East Official Photo Album
  3. Upcoming is one of the top shows in the USA (so we've been told). We always have a great turnout of great models. Last year I think we had a record number of models over 800. So come on over and bring your models. One price covers as many models as you want to bring.
  4. Hello everyone, here is my latest project. This project started during or soon I find this picture. my idea to change the use of decals board provided last year. I thought of several ideas on a roof rack my woody, not big enough ... trailer ... and then I had the idea to change the COE delivery, the idea of the COE advertising was born ... realized in 3 weeks to participate in the NNL east. Mix Resin Delivery Ford COE at RMR and 50 Monogram Ford pickup. Tamiya paint varnish Hobby collor Wheels "Foose Nitrous II 1/24 19" and 21 '' at Scale of Production. wooden floor, with stirrers for coffee, glued 1/1 Inside the ford 50 shortcut billboard full scratch. here it is finished, old small box has the right size, cut and built 1/1, the kid just an old box of 59 buick amt etc ... and finally the final model exhibited at NNL WIP images WIP IN VIDEO
  5. Received these photos from one of my friends who is part of the Kimberley Model Car Club, hosts of the South Africa NNL... they didn't have a site, so we have hosted these on the TSSMCC / NNL East site. http://public.fotki.com/tssmcc/south-african-nnl/south-african-nnl-2015/
  6. Yes, you read that right. The South African NNL is sponsored by the Kimberley Modelers Society in Kimberley, South Africa. And yes, there is a connection to NNL East. Peter Thomas and Gerhard van Vuuran are old friends. Peter visited me at my home when he was in the US. We have a friendship between our clubs and we share information on show topics. Anyway, here's an album of photos from their recent South African NNL. It's interesting to see our similar likes, and those things where we differ due to our life experiences! Cool stuff never the less! http://public.fotki.com/tssmcc/south-african-nnl/
  7. This past Saturday was my birthday and I spent a good part of the day at the Mid-Atlantic NNL this weekend, held at the Knights of Columbus at the Columbian Center in Severna Park, Maryland. It was sponsored by the Maryland Automotive Modelers Association ( http://www.mamasboyz.org/ ) A big thank you to MCM member Wheels for telling me about the event. This was the greatest thing ever. For about an hour I could not even concentrate because of the immensity of this model car show and swap meet. Never have I seen this many kits, old and new in one place. My birthday present to myself, an unbuilt Jo-Han 1960 Desoto. I picked up a few $3 unbuilt kits, 3 of them being early 90's Pontiac Grand Prix's. A bargain at twice the price. There were so many entries in this contest I'm not sure I even got to see all of them. There were 3 rows like this of vehicles and vehicles only. One of my favorite entries was this Earl Scheib panel wagon. A great build and fantastic topic. A nice deuce with motorcycle fenders. One dealer had an immense selection of bargain priced parts; hoods, windshields, engines, bumpers, you name it. I picked up engines for 50 cents, wheel and tire combos for a buck, even a 1/25 laptop as well as all sorts of other great stuff. Tires man, tires... Apparently they hold a flea market in the same location as the NNL and there was some confusion. But hey, at least it spread the word of the hobby. Found a Rat Fink t-shirt, brand new but from 1998 for $10 (It's the purple and green box). The crazy thing is that these were made by House Industries for their Ed "Big Daddy" Roth fonts they released that year. It comes in an old school size model car box. http://www.houseind.com/search/?search=rat+fink On my 40th birthday, for the first time in my life, I have won a raffle prize; behold, the Ed "Big Daddy" Roth Beatnik Bandit.
  8. Here are some pics from the 2011 CKM Summer Classic NNL http://public.fotki....nual-ckm-nnl-1/
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