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Found 15 results

  1. Hey everyone! I’m an alum of Cranfield University where I dived deep into Supply Chain Management. But here’s the twist – I’ve got this soft spot for cars and aerospace. Weird combo, right? Well, it’s exactly this mix that sparked something pretty neat. After playing around with a ton of smoke types and exhaust fans, and sweating the small stuff in between, I’ve finally got my demo off the ground. It’s a desktop wind tunnel for diecast cars. Pretty nifty, huh? I’m thinking it could really add some zing to our collections. I’d love to get your take on this. Ever seen anything like it? Or maybe tried your hand at something similar? I’ll be sharing more about my plans over in Diecast Corner soon, and I’m all for digging into this garage talk together. Guess posting in Diecast Corner is the way to go, right? Thanks a ton for letting me share. Can’t wait to hear what you think! 20240313-001.mp4
  2. hi im Charlie im new to the website i started building in march i post videos and updates of what im doing on my models on my youtube channel Charlie's Models im finishing up my tamiya Toyota Supra i will post some of my builds later today.
  3. Hi everybody I am new to the form so here is a little introduction. I live in Saskatoon, SK. Canada and I am 15 years old and a complete gear head. I started modeling with my Grandpa when I was 12. I Built my first solo model when I was 13. I joined a club when I was 14 and except for 2 other juniors I am the youngest member by about 40 years. since then the modeling bug has bit me bad. in 2 years I already have a stash of over 50 models waiting to be built. I am manly interested in 1960's muscle cars and gassers as well as the tri-5 Chevy's and door slammers. so as you can see I love V8 American car no matter the year. here is a Big john 1941 Willis gasser that I entered Bridge con 2018 I won best Junior auto modeler and it is built box stock. it is the best model I have build to date! I look forward to learning new things and seeing some awesome models.
  4. Hi all. I'm getting back into model car building again from taking a long break. I've been watching a lot of how to videos on lowering, airbrushing and building . This is all new to me I'm used to doing models with just brushing paint on. Lol. I just bought the paasche H set and the paasche VLS SET. I'm having a few problems first of all is I airbrush the model primer, paint but when I go to glue it together the glue takes the paint off. I'm using the Tamiya extra thin cement, testors liquid cement with the needle and also in the tube and also the clear parts cement. Also trying to do paint the interiors 2 different colors and brushing just doesn't look right I'd like to airbrush it but masking is hard and also the underbody. Like the frame would like to do in aluminum and the rest black any ideas of masking or a way to airbrush 2 tone interior or underbody. Also some of the kits I would like to lower and some raise. For example I'm doing the Nissan GT-R 35 pure edition kit and would like to lower it. Also doing the 67 Mickey Camarillo RS/SS 427. Any help would be appreciated or tips and tricks for gluing and making interior look nice. There are some photos to kind of show my set up and what I'm working on
  5. Hi all . My name is Don, aka carman007. I have just returned to model building after a 20 year break. I have a partner that is in to Lego in a big way so it is easier for me to now do my thing as well. I will be posting some pics along the way. I made the mistake starting off building a Fujimi Daytona kit, only because I built it 20 years ago, and now I remember why I never finished it then. Please say hi and would love some comments on my photo's, good or bad.
  6. Hello everyone. I have always loved model cars especially wanting to build them. However, I think I am the youngest modeler on these forums. I am only 14 and I am a newbie because I began a month ago however I'm learning. I built models when I was 6 but I never had the patience, capability, and items for producing a quality piece so I stopped. I've been studying modeling tips and techniques and how to's for half a year. I have started two models, amt Meyers Manx, and the revel 1968 Vw beetle. Both are pretty fun. Soon, I'm going to start a '57 bel air but I should finish my first two kits first. Again nice to meet everyone! I would love to see your builds! Tyler
  7. Hello my name is zac you can call me riski im just started in the model community and im really loving it so far im 23 ive been working on cars since i was old enough to hold a wrench i've worked at many body shops and mechanic shops right now i do restorations and drive a forklift for a living i am a vehicle enthusiast i love almost all vehicle models brands and years i do not discurage anyone and i would love some tips from anyone in my future post i love making stock , modified crazy unique different things hope to see other fellow enthusiast and learn thank you for your time !!!! so reply and lets get this show on the road
  8. Hi my name is Dru Green I'm From Chickamauga GA, and I build 1:1 scale hot rods and customs as my main hobby but in my spare time I love building 1:24 and 1:25 scale model hot rods. my favorite thing to do is think out side of box stock. I enjoy kit bash as well as Diorama... I have yet to build a full on Diorama my only experiences with it is a few trailers made out of scrap polystyrene, wood, and left over wheels and tires, I like swapping engines and once as a kid even built a shade tree style A-Frame for pulling engines and looked like I was swapping the engine out of my 69 Camaro. Good times Im looking to get in to resin casting and model building for some of my rare and hard to find models as well as some of my scratch build stuff Thanks to all on the forum
  9. Hi, I'm a new member from the Annapolis, MD area. I built several models as a young adult, then took an almost 20 year hiatus. Getting back into it now with a Revell 1966 VW Beetle. Loving it!
  10. Hello everybody, My name is Matthew Thompson, I am 15 years old and I have had three model car kits sitting in my basement for the last two years that I would love to put together. I have recently built the level one kit (1969 Camaro Z/28 SS) because it was very easy and only took one day, but I would really like to start on the couple of level two kits I have. The first of the two kits is the Dodge Viper SRT10 ACR, and the second is the Ferrari 612 Scaglietti. I have a perfect spot in my basement for working on the kits (I just need to clean it off), but what I was really wondering was what tools and materials I should get together before I begin this project. At the moment, the materials I have include two Testors liquid cement cartridges (1 Fl. Oz. each) and the Testors Special Value Paint Set that includes 9 bottles of paint (gloss yellow, gold, gloss red, gloss blue, gloss green, silver, gloss black, gloss white and thinner). For tools all I have is the four paint brushes that were included in the paint set. This doesn't seem like enough to me because in all of the model making videos I have watched, they have many tools laid out in front of them and they use all of them in the making of the car. Am I correct in that I need more tools and materials? If I am, what should I purchase before starting this project? Thank you in advance and have a nice day. Thanks again, Matthew Thompson
  11. Hello MCM posters! My name is Eric, I'm 24 and now living in Anaheim, CA. Just wanted to stop in and give a little background on myself as well as share a little of my work that survived. Where to start... Hmm. Born and raised in California, and spent a majority of my life on the West Coast. Military family, step-dad was a career Marine. Moved around quite a bit, but I always retained my hobbies wherever we were at the time. I spent a majority of my childhood and teen years building models, RC cars or all kinds, or just about anything i could fix or put together. Of course though, you grow up, move out and the finer things get set on the back burner. I spent the next 5 years basically making a mess of things, moving back and forth between 2 states, acquiring substance abuse issues... You name it. But, I've been clean and sober for a little over 2 years now and that's what has sorta brought me back here. With all this new found free time, I decided to rekindle my love of hobbies and give myself something constructive to do. So I've begun acquiring all the kits I managed to rush and ruin and a youngster to kickstart the process. Here is what's left of a Tamiya 1/72 Corsair, which is the last kit i worked on in 2008 before going, "rogue". Never finished, just recently did a little final assembly to keep it as a display piece and a reminder. I have already obtained the kit to redeem this build, so stay tuned for that! But of course! CAR KITS! This will be my first "On the bench" project. Not a good kit, but destroyed one as a kid and with the recent passing of Paul Walker I felt it neccisary. Sorry about the lengthly and semi-personal introduction. I hope to learn and share a lot here on this board.
  12. I came across this when I was looking at diecast. Anyone hear of this or know its origins? Is this an AMT tool? http://www.diecastdirect.com/asp_modules/add_item.asp?ProductCode=LND73050
  13. This is the new Moebius Models 53' Great Dane trailer kit. I got this kit today, going to do a full WIP for it, I havent seen one on here yet in my search. so might as well do my own.heres a box pic, opened it today and am very pleased with the contents and the instructions and the way it goes together.
  14. My name is David and I just bought a gmc syclone and im looking to build a full custom for my 1st attempt..I am a collision technician,so how hard can plastic be..lol..well,so far its been trying,but coming along..Im going for a working notched 4 link rear and im not to worried about the looks so far,but still debating on a street truck( a little beat up) or a full show piece,but just having fun for the most of it,but any tips or advice would be appreciated..thanx
  15. hey guys !! I never been in a forums..just youtube and facebook.Docter Cranky talk me into coming over here my youtube name is samfrye1 i have alot of kool builds that goes from mild to wild from stock to rustrods to POST-APOCALYPSE! love to see different builds and learn new ways of doing things! My favorite thing to do is kit bashing This is my last ratrod i finish a week ago,hope you guys like it
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