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Scale I Build

Found 5 results

  1. Hello, here is my latest finished build, and at same time my first finished Porsche model ever!" Its nice Fujimi kit and goes together well. I got bit weathering accidently cause i did mess up with panel lines. I think it still looks cool.. I hope you like it.. I used Aoshima BBS wheels and printed finnish licence plates, and also german flag. Rest is out ot box.. I went with bit retrolook with doing chrome foiling on window mouldings etc... They should be black..
  2. Well this kit has been an incredibly long WIP. I bought this kit back in the mid-90s when I was still working for Porsche. It was to be one of the kits that got me back into building. So I started it, then promptly stopped working on it. For whatever reason. And now I'm going to finish it. Back when it was new, I decided purple was the colour of choice. And I decided to spray that right onto the body, no prep, no primer, big mistake. So now I've done the purple bath, properly prepped the body, primed it using Tamiya white primer, then sprayed Tamiya Gun Metal. Needs some polishing, but I like how the colour turned out. Interior is now a semi-gloss black, with Model Master Dark Crimson. I think it's a pretty close approximation to Porsche's Oxblood Red. Over the years, the kit's wheels and seats vanished. Thanks to Steve (Intmd8r) I have a set of wheels and tires that could be interesting on this one, going to require some suspension tweaking, but it should look cool when done. I have a set of seats coming from Clearly Scale, so those will look pretty good once in. Not going too nuts with detailing on this one. Just want to finally finish it and have a good looking curbside kit to put on the shelf.
  3. Picked up this old dust/gluebomb rally version of the 911 Carrera RS. I have taken it apart as gently as i could,and did not brake anything besides a rear spindle and some lug-nuts. Wanted to go for something ala Singer,or some modern style on this,keep original bodywork and such,but give it a nice ride height,some fat wheels,and maby some little tweeks on the engine. Not turbo because turbo Porsches sound like hairdryers,it will be N/A. Here is what i have to work with so far. The wheels and tires are brand new from the Fujimi flatnose turbo. My inspiration. But i do want the RS spoiler from the kit.
  4. Finally finished this one. It's the Tamiya kit and I bought it about 5 years ago for $5 on Ebay. Body parts had been partially glued together, but no painting done on it. Luckily, after I got it stripped (without breaking anything) I discovered that everything was there. Yellow isn't my fav Porsche colour, but I went with a combo near and dear to my heart. I spend many years working for the local Porsche dealership. After I transferred to sales, the first factory order I took was a 2000 Porsche 996 coupe. Speed Yellow with black leather, 18" chrome Turbo alloys, sport exhaust, manual transmission, navigation, sunroof delete. When the car arrived, all orange reflectors were replaced with clear pieces. So this is my version of that car. The holes in the front bumper are intentional. In my province, we don't require front plates, so the when the new cars arrive, they arrive with two holes in the front bumper for mounting the plate holder. I think I did a decent job on the interior, but I'm not happy with my paint. The black trim bugs me. Having said that, I'm comfortable enough with it to call it done. As for photography, I think I need to start wiping everything with microfibre cloths or something, as there's dust all over this thing that wasn't visible when I was taking pics. Anyway, there it is.
  5. This is going to be a very long and drawn out build, as I don't have the time to build that I wish I had! Anyway, go easy on me. A little background on me; I've been a VW/Porsche/Audi nut since elementry school, and spent almost 15 years working for Porsche, so you'll see a number of Porsche kits coming from me. I finally got around to starting a kit that I've had sitting around for years. This is Tamiya's Porsche 996 Carrera kit. Curbside, no engine detail. I decided to build this in Speed Yellow with the black interior, a somewhat uncommon colour combo around here. I've started by spraying the interior pieces in black. This is an automotive semi-gloss black, can confirm brand later. Then I masked, laid down the white glue, and flocked it. Turned out pretty good I think. I've since touched up the spot on the passenger door. Not too exciting yet, more pics to come as I get working on this.
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