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Scale I Build

Found 7 results

  1. My latest 1/25 build, consisting of 800 scratchbuilt and aftermarket parts. Zero kit parts were used. It weighs in at 6 lbs! The car debuted this month in Atlanta at the ACME Southern Nationals NNL with Scale Auto Magazine in attendance as well. It won a coveted Overall Top 10 Award and got some photo op time with Scale Auto. A parts list is seen in the YouTube Build video in case I don't get around to answering questions about who made what lol. https://youtu.be/oAukHkojAkQ
  2. aNY One use the Slixx pro mod wing? not sure how it fits..need help,, Alan
  3. Here are some pics of the Chassis And the body, I Sprayed 3 coats of base on it today. I will let it dry overnight and tomorrow I will wet sand with 800 grit, then lay the decals down and then finally finish it off with 3 coats of PPG Clearcoat. The chassis is pretty well done other than a few small details, thanks for looking hope you enjoy
  4. A while ago I posted a topic where I was asking how should I build a Pro Mod car body, as they are far from original bodies. I got excellent responses, and here I am starting my first true Pro Modified build. My plan is to build a car that could actually race and that would be NHRA Legal. This is actually practising for my next Pro Modified Drag Car that will be a '60 Impala. I haven't done much progress yet, but I wanted to post this thread here already and do this as a Step By Step build simply because then the Pro Mod guys on this forum can point out if I make mistakes easily before it's too late to fix them. And when this build is completed some day (It will take a lot of time), hopefully this thread can help other people building their Pro Mods, too. If not, then this thread can be named "How Not To Build A Pro Mod" . So I hope that everyone will point out my mistakes and give advice when I'm in trouble... Constructive criticism is highly appreciated here! Anyway the car I'm building will be '82 Chevy Corvette that I got in a trade a few years ago. It was mainly unstarted, but the previous owner had made some room for wider Drag Slicks by cutting the chassis. At first this was going to be an Outlaw Street car, but because of the poor quality of this kit I decided to make a Pro Mod of it. So this is the kit: As an inspiration I will be using a Corvette Pro Mod from Finland, driven by Marko Lantto. I don't have any measurements or anything like that from his car, but luckily there are pictures in the internet that I can use, and they will sure be helpful in this project. I started by taking a couple of measurements. In Pro Modified, the car's wheelbase must be between 104 and 115 inches. The original wheelbase on '82 Corvette is 98 inches, so it needs to be stretched a little. I will be using Good Year Frontrunner tires on this one, and with them I can make the wheel openings a bit smaller in the front. By moving the front wheels a bit further away, I measured that my model had 100,8 inch wheelbase. When the front tire was in its' regular place, the wheelbase was exactly 98 inches. I'm going to stretch my wheelbase with 5 inches, which means that in scale I will stretch the body 0.20 inches. Here are a couple of pics of the original body. The firewall was molded to the body as one piece, so it had to go first. With my razor saw, I cut it away and then I glued the hood shut, as Pro Mods have one piece nose. Today I decided to cut the front end off to wait for stretching. I used Dymo-tape as a quide and used my razor saw again. This picture shows how much the wheelbase must be stretched. I will use a Supercharged Hemi on my build. And I have a question regarding that... What engine you suggest? I have a Top Fuel Hemi that could be modified into Pro Mod Hemi with a little work. I have a Blower and the injector hat already. Another choice would be Ross Gibson engine, but I've seen many opinions on their quality. Are they worth their price, as to me they seem a bit expensive even though I've never built one? I want to thank everyone who has posted their Pro Modified builds in here... I've been reading those threads really actively.
  5. This is the newly released Jukebox Ford kit. It is an excellent kit mold quality is very good..tires are awesome...decals are ok but challenging. I had to use 2 sets to get them dark enough since I used black as body color. Not sure of course how'd they do with other colors. Anyway here she is hope ya like her.
  6. Hey folks! I've only been on here now and then, mostly learning and posting a few pics of my first builds, which are (still) unpainted due to bad weather and waiting for one of those $80 vacuum paint booths. Here's a pic of my 1st detailed build, an Iaconia pro stock: which makes four kits backed up for painting! The other 3 are basically one color jobs anyway. I'm nowhere near the level of Brett, Chris, Jeff or some other friends I've made here trying to learn from, but I'm trying to practice mixing styrene and resin parts along with detail on items like this 426 Hemi. With dual mags and twin plugs per cyl, It's hard for these tired old hands to work, especially with pain meds for my back. And camera upgrade money goes for parts LOL. Any, this engine will have a rubber cogged belt, fuel pump with rubber hoses and a mix of RB and Pro Tech fittings, some PE parts for the homemade barrel valve and fuel dist block. The blower is a Kobelco from Ted's and casting is good. I may sneak in some braided line or soft alum from the dist block to the injectors. The paints are all Tamiya spray metal variations which I really like. As you can tell, acrylics can tend to flake off (injector butterflies) before you're completely done with the painting. The finer touches are Tamiya acrylic and the attempt to create the heat tarnished on the headers is clear yellow, red and blue. I'd be interested in what you think of the header appearance and the engine in general. I know there's a long way to go, but I've got as many models as it takes to improve from flea markets!
  7. Since its Christmas I mite as well share my new pro mod project a 2009 zr1
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