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Found 7 results

  1. Four builds going and it seems like I’m waiting for something on every one of them. Or maybe I’m just bored and ready for something to clear my mind. Or possibly I have the attention span of a squirrel. Whatever the reason, I’ve decided it’s time for me to dig into this kit. If nothing else, just to get the parts cleaned up and ready for paint. I’ve wanted to build a Troublemaker kit for a long time now. Long before the Atlantis kit existed. When I saw it got reissued, I had to have it. Old Monogram kits are by far my favorite and this is just classic Monogram to me. I will say though, I’m not a fan of the color scheme or stripes of this reissue. To my eyes it’s a little gaudy. To that end, I’m changing the colors. I do want to use the “troublemaker” decal though. Thinking it might look good with something like a metallic orange or maybe go with the original concept and make it red. As I get close, I’ll probably be asking for opinions on that. Nothings done yet. But for anyone not familiar with this kit, here it is. You all know the drill. Questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome! Thanks for playing along!
  2. The Coffin Corner showrod board is having a group build for the recently-reissued Rommel's Rod kit, whereby you have to build a modified version of the kit. I had an idea in mind, and after I finished restoring an original a few weeks ago I was eager to get started on this second version. First up, hacking up the body. A LOT All I'll actually be using from the stock body is the cowl, but I wanted to use the remaining pieces to mock up what I had in my head before making it again from scratch. I'm thinking something like this: Not pretty, but enough to get me started with mocking stuff up anyway...my idea is to keep the long wheelbase of the original, but to have a stretched out front and that little tub body on the back, like so: I wanted to add some detail to the engine, but the kit block has most of that stuff molded in, so I scratchbuilt a new one from styrene sheet, along with a new oil pan: I picked out some wheels and tires so that I could start to make frame, and separated the kit trans so I could use that with my new block: I wanted to use the kit front wheels, but modify them to be skinny little drag style wheels, so I needed some tires: Found this pack of o-rings at the Chinese 99 cent store, which should work great! Then, I used my hacked-together body to make a tape template, which I transferred to brass: Bent it to shape over some round bar to get nice rounded corners: And then attached it to the kit cowl (which I wasn't about to attempt re-making with my limited brass-working skills): And that's about where we're at right now...more soon!
  3. Full build review of the perennial favorite Tom Daniel Beer Wagon. Built just like the box art. Still an awesome kit time after time. Eventually I want to do a beat up weathered one to sit beside it.
  4. I passed over this kit when it was last reissued back in the 1990's (I think). Not too long ago, I found the most recent issue at a great price and decided to give it a whirl. I don't now about the older issues, but this one has some slight issues around the rear doors in that the frame area doesn't seem to be 100% formed. No bother though; it's a custom! Anyway, so far, I've shaved the bumpers front and aft; and I split the rear doors into two parts along the vertical center line. The whole folding down rear door thing seemed hookey to me. I considered making the rear doors open, but finally abandoned that idea when I couldn't quite figure a good solution for the hinges. I'll need to snap a photo of the back later. I've also included some "wood paneling" courtesy of the wild, wild web. I found a pattern I liked, download it, made some copies, and hit the ol' printer. Once all is said and done, not too much of it will be visible anyway. I've added flocking to the floor and ceiling. I'm planning to add a "chain" steering wheel from some lowrider parts that I had; and I was considering possibly making a CB for the cab area. I've slapped on Testor's Inca Gold (what, no black for the Vandal? Blasphemy!) Right now, I'm trying to decide on wheels. Should I got with the slotted wheels that come with the kit, or perhaps these "solid" ones that I found in the parts box? (last pic, front wheel) Oh, and the Firestone lettering came from Joseph of Fireball Modelworks. I realize the decals aren't right for the tires, but he does great work, and I liked the look of having something beside Goodyears on the Vandal. (I do, however, have Goodyears on my 1:1 truck, in case anybody wants to know. ) Now that I've been messing with this kit, I've had several ideas for customized Vandals. My favorite, but I'm not sure I could pull it off, would be to swap the entire cab and engine such that it became Right-Hand-Drive. Then, I'd make it a Postal vehicle with "Going Postal" or "Express Mail" or some such markings.
  5. Well, I'm calling it done. It could use some refinement, I'm certain. I actually managed to booger up both the rear axle and the rear door. But, I think it'll look just fine in the display case. I may build another sometime. Might even do it "stock". Anyway....here it is. I switched the steering wheel with a chain unit I found in my spares box. I added a barefoot gas pedal. I used rear tires from some 1/24 Monogram kit or other; and I built up some "struts" using insulated wire and a paper clip. I also shaved the bumpers, filled the CHEV on the back door, and made some "paneling" using my computer. I was surprised how much my take on the Vandal looks like some other ideas I've seen around this site. I hope that's okay. And to top it all off, most of these pictures were taken after a collision between the Vandal and my workbench. Turns out, having no rear-view mirrors must be a bad thing. Nothing too bad, but I had to re-attach all of the doors; and my second go at the struts isn't as cool as my first time. There's too much traffic on my bench! On to the pictures: Side view, showing the stuts to hold open the door. Chain steering wheel: Basic wiring; shaved front bumper: I split the rear doors, and shaved the 'CHEV' on the back. I tried to think of a way to actually open the doors with side hinges; but I gave up pretty quickly. You know, that whole "quick build" thing... Little better view of the "Struts" holding up the side door. And, some very basic engine wiring. No cooling system to get in the way, though. Fancy interior with groovy 70's paneling. Never mind that paint bugger: Here it is prior to the collision on my workbench. Oops. 'nother pre-collison shot: And we're off to build something else!
  6. this was a good kit. parts all fit well. was fun,not frustrating. i like these kind of kits. working on bathtub buggy now )
  7. Who doesn't love late '60's/early '70's, totally off the wall, OTT show rods? Well... I'm kind of lukewarm about them myself, but there are some pretty cool ones out there. The designs of Ed Roth and Tom Daniel are among my favorites, and the Ice T... well, I can't say it's one of my faves.But as a chronic kitbasher, I can say it has some really cool parts that could make their way into other models. As you can see, in typical early Monogram fashion, there isn't too much to it. The big bonus is the parts are nicely molded, and the chrome looks good. The wheels resemble the ones found in the old Monogram Paddy Wagon kit, and you get a pair of those big, wrinkled, 'non -directional' , slicks. I'm also really fond of the twin, side mount, crescent-shaped fuel tanks, which mount just aft of the front tires. The bummer is you'll ruin the plating joining the two halves together and eliminating the seam on the fuel cap. And the kit has lots of other little doodads I find very tasty... the quick change rear diff, the ladder bars, the aformentioned slicks, and I'm really thinking of grafting that roof onto something! I've seen these built up, and they do look cool (oh, jeez...) if you like the style. Mine won't end up looking anything like the box art model, though.
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