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Found 8 results

  1. Four builds going and it seems like I’m waiting for something on every one of them. Or maybe I’m just bored and ready for something to clear my mind. Or possibly I have the attention span of a squirrel. Whatever the reason, I’ve decided it’s time for me to dig into this kit. If nothing else, just to get the parts cleaned up and ready for paint. I’ve wanted to build a Troublemaker kit for a long time now. Long before the Atlantis kit existed. When I saw it got reissued, I had to have it. Old Monogram kits are by far my favorite and this is just classic Monogram to me. I will say though, I’m not a fan of the color scheme or stripes of this reissue. To my eyes it’s a little gaudy. To that end, I’m changing the colors. I do want to use the “troublemaker” decal though. Thinking it might look good with something like a metallic orange or maybe go with the original concept and make it red. As I get close, I’ll probably be asking for opinions on that. Nothings done yet. But for anyone not familiar with this kit, here it is. You all know the drill. Questions, comments, and suggestions are always welcome! Thanks for playing along!
  2. I purchased this kit a couple of weeks ago. I have been in a non-building slump for too long. This is the kit that got me building again. Work started with assembling the frame. I glued the attachment points, moving from rearmost to the front. All in all, the frame members lined up well on the two halves. Please excuse the putty, which is yet to be sanded. After watching HPI Guy's build up on YouTube, I really wanted to do something about the seams/gaps between the panel components. So, I decided to assemble all of the pieces and putty the seems. Again, this needs sanding. There are two slots on either side of the firewall where vertical portions of the frame show through. Again, this did not appeal to me so I tried filling these slots in with strip styrene, to get a solid firewall appearance. Looking at it now, I will more than likely remove this piece and create a solid new piece from sheet styrene.
  3. A lot of the reference pictures for the Mooneyes, show the engine with angled valve cover breathers. I don't think these are included with the kit. What might be a good source? Thanks for any ideas.
  4. Could be old news and i searched this site but found nothing. I just saw the old Revell Mongoose 1957 Chevy F/C in Atlantis badging on the giant auction website. Priced cheap for a new 1/24 car kit.
  5. Hi Folks, new here and wondered if I could draw on your big rig expertise a little if I may? So I really wanted one of these for my 1/48 FJ-3 Fury diorama (desperately) it’s just Sooo cool. I’ve taken the Atlantis re-pops of the old Revell Chevy stake truck and the Fruehauf trailer from the White fueler and smushed them together as follows… Mods have included removing and remounting the front fender as a separate entity, mirrors, shortening the chassis a bit, taking the skirt off the trailer, etc.- there’s a way to go yet. The headlights are going to be nose studs from a jewellery store with the facets sanded off and polished. The mirrors are made from laminate. Atlantis’s new glazing parts are superb for the Chevy, hats off to them. The wheels for the Stake Truck were a little agricultural for the paved airfields where this truck would have plied its trade , so I turned the White truck tyres to 9” high road tyres on the lathe then turned the 22.5” rims from Defmodel’s resin set for the Tamiya GMC army truck. I think they really beef up the tractor. Is it an ‘57 8400 do you think? It’s lovely hard plastic- polishes up beautifully. So used to the softish modern grey stuff! Ah yes - expertise please, if you could? Top photograph (the only one in existence as far as I can tell) you can see immediately behind the cab there’s a tank and a load of hydraulic or air lines. Anyone seen a setup like this before? Gas for the tractor unit? Exhaust baffle system? Compressed air? Pump unit for the trailer? Any answers will be gratefully received as it’ll need scratchbuilding. Thanks for looking, I’ll keep you posted on progress cheerio, Matt
  6. We've seen images of the old '50s and '60s era molds Revell had stored in their Illinois warehouse, some (many?) of which Atlantis Models acquired. They have begun to share publicly exactly what they acquired, starting with this mold for the Revell Douglas D558-2 Skyrocket: Let the automotive model related speculation and hopes begin.
  7. My,,what a time trip back for this one. Always enjoy the big scale bike kits,,and was glad to see this one repopped. I changed the paint scheme a bit,,added some x-tra wiring,,changed the footpegs to some Harley gear. Hope the kit mfg's keep up the big scale bike kits. Wonder if this was ever a 1:1 bike on the show circuits?
  8. Built from the recent Atlantis reissue of Revell's old Convair Space Shuttlecraft. Originally designed by rocket engineer Krafft Ehricke, and first put out by Revell as a kit in 1959. A nice kit. A little primitive by today's standards. But, everything fit together fairly well. I like it.
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