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Clearly Scale thread

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Due to many requests, and messages asking about my products, and projects in development, and just in general, this thread can be place to ask  :)

In respect of the forum rules, I will not post pricing & shipping information, my web store (clearlyscale.com) has all that info

This thread I'll post up pic of my completed and WIP work, and respond to any questions

Thanks  :)

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Most recently I've been asked about GM LS (Gen4 ) EFI & Supercharged engines returning

They were removed while I upgraded to new pressure casting system, which required new molds to be made, and also are now made in bespoke liquid plastic resin

It also has allowed me to make some further improvements, as new process produces much finer detail  :)




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Great news Jeremy.

Excellent looking product and great , easy to use site. I just ordered a few engines :)

Nice looking casting . looks like I'm going to have to get my hands on one

Thanks guys :)

Here's a previous thread, with thanks to such positive words from everyone  :)



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So in answer to a question asked: "Who is Clearly Scale?"  Well basically is a one-man show (me), design, construction, casting & packaging  ...but that being said I've some great friends and customers already, who are huge help, Thank you! :)

For 3D digital design, what ever I can't do myself, my good friend Johan (Bruus design) has been invaluable, truly, my words don't do justice to all the work he has done, and is a great friend!

My US redistribution is done by Nickolas (zak78)  & proven a very good friend indeed, Clearly Scale would not function without him!  He shares my passion for cars & scale models, even when I tend to ramble on LOL

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The GM LS V12 engine set was one of my first, and still a favorite build for me ...I'm looking forward to seeing one of sets sold in a finished build :)



We don't know if GMC ever developed an official LS V12, maybe we'll learn the truth years from now by discovery of a barn-find top secret factory test mule? Who knows, maybe the C6 ZR1 might have been a LS V12 instead of LS9?? wink emoticon It certainly looks like it fits, and there have been V12 test mule 'vettes in the past!? Hmmm?




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Can't forget the Fords!  ;)

This is modern DOHC 351cu.in. V8 carbureted "Cammer" engine set, with 3 piece 4bbl carb + bespoke air cleaner, and cam cover decals (black & silver) included

This would look great in a Moebius 1969 Ford pickup


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Ok, I first have to apologize for getting off topic, but my question is about the image of the builds.  Who built the VW caddy, and could you please send me information on on it?

The builder of 16V caddy VW in photos is Andrew Brown, you can find him on facebook, and posts on my Clearly Scale page too

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