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Hello from Anderson, SC

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Hello my name is zac you can call me riski im just started in the model community and im really loving it so far im 23 ive been working on cars since i was old enough to hold a wrench i've worked at many body shops and mechanic shops right now i do restorations and drive a forklift for a living i am a vehicle enthusiast i love almost all vehicle models brands and years i do not discurage anyone and i would love some tips from anyone in my future post i love making stock , modified crazy unique different things hope to see other fellow enthusiast and learn thank you for your time !!!! so reply and lets get this show on the road 

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Welcome Zach! This is a great place to learn and share. If you aren't aware, there is a show in Spartanburg this January and another one in Simpsonville in May. Both have a decent turnout for models and a swap meet area to pick up more kits!!

thank yyou so much for the info i wish to see you there :P if you could tell me were and a date that would be great

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dang man that would be sweet you need to upload a picture so i can see what you actually look like or else i would have to ask everyone there at the convention if they are mike the modeler

I will probably be there. As far as the dates and locations, look in the show section here, those meets are advertised with all of the information.

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