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Hey Guys,

I see in the forums list, a section for BIG BOYZ, but nothing for the smaller scales. Now I know there be at least one reply posted (and many more thinking about it) of how hard it is to see small stuff as we are aging (and it is a pain!), but I have an interest to build some stuff in smaller scales, but have a problem that plaques it.

No real good engines.

The only true decent ones are the Monogram Ultimates, one being the 1/43rd engines of the Chevy 427, and the Ford 289. But for a couple of 1/32nd engines that are marginal, there are no really good engines available.

Well, I have spent time looking on Shapeways, and even there, I found nothing for auto engines in small scale but for some aircraft engines. So I have talked to a vendor about interest in making some, so if you too would be interested,

please let me know.


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There ARE some 1/32 scale motors out there but they are no longer in production (AFAIK).

The Monogram 1/32 scale glue kits had engines:

Nova, Trans Am, Dodge Charger, Ford EXP, Camaro all had motors with varying options including dual carb and blown.

Most of the "snap" nascar kits have a rudimentary motor that can be tweaked and there was a line of funny cars that all had engines.

There are several Pyro/LifeLike kits that had motors, including Duesenbergs and Cadillac V16's.

The Revell '56 Sunliner has a rudimentary Y-block that can be worked into a decent motor.

Testors put out a line of IMSA kits that had motors... Corvette and Porsche.

I have samples of most of the kits I mentioned here.

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I think having a selection of common 1/32 scale engines in resin would be a good resource for builders that like unusual/uncommon subjects.

I'm guessing it would be a rather small but untapped market but I think it's out there just begging for a hemi to put into their Lindberg/Pyro '32 Plymouth roadster.

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Couldn't seem to post into this frame the info I wanted to transfer over from my email, so the doc above was the info to pass along,

but to suffice, engines are now and soon to be available.

If you are on Facebook please join our group at "TDR Innovations"  There you will stay up with all of our announcements and new offerings, in addition you will see a lot of really cool builds from our customers.

FYI I was successful in figuring out a way to offer engines in the smaller scales.  This will be a slow process but I will slowly start to add engines and components to the small scale offerings.  If anybody is looking for some small scale parts for engines we offer in the larger scales, just tell them to contact me directly at this email address.  
Here is the link to the first offerings.

Contact Tim Floyd @ tdr.innovations@gmail.com


Hope this helps us small scale modelers.

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