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UV Lamps for DIY Etching

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The purpose would be for Photo etching. Like the Micro Mark photoetch kit, the instructions say to expose it outdoors. Living in the north east, the sunlight is unreliable. Using a UV light would be more reliable for light output and time of exposure.

Besides, grow light cost more that $15 when you add up the cost of lamps and fixtures.


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I used to use UV erasers for E-Proms and Micros when I was working. They were very expensive. Now retired, cost has to be low.

Still a 15W UV grow bulb and fixture is >$15 and does not concentrate the rays in a small area. DIY photoetching  normally is done on small projects. With the one shown you can expose a 6x6 area. I just ordered one for $13.96 with shipping.



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