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Paint thinner

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So I like only using enamel paint.

So I buy the 1 gal can of thinner and when I try to pour it in a smaller cantainer like quart chemical beaken like you use in a lab., it makes a mess. So I trying to think of a 1 gal container like a gas can. But I don't think that would be a good Idea unless I paint the gas can. I wish these mfg would put a breather cap on their cans.  Any suggestions wish the made a  bendable hose with cap that would fit right on the can. That would work nice too. Thanks Karl

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I usually buy a 1 gal. can and using a funnel I pour the thinner into 1 qt. can.  Then I use a turkey baster to dispense from the 1 qt. can into a smaller container for my current paint job.  I use a whiskey glass because is it bottom-heavy, very stable. and easy to clean.



WARNING: Make sure that the turkey baster is either glass or a solvent-resistant polypropylene.  Some basters I've seen are molded from clear polystyrene.   Thinners such as acetone or lacquer thinner will attack and melt polystyrene.  I prefer polypropylene as glass can easily shatter.

Polystyrene is usually crystal clear, hard, and has a somewhat metallic sound when tapped. Polypropylene is slightly milky or cloudy in appearance and it is not as hard. It also produces a duller sound when tapped.

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I'm assuming it came in one of the usual rectangular metal cans. One other thing that will help is to tip the can with the cap is on top instead of the bottom. That means you have to tip the can further before it actually starts dispensing liquid. It will spill much less, especially after you remove some of the solvent from the can.

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