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Forward opening hoods?

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I've not built one of these, but from the research I did, it looks like maybe two choices. 


On the left, a metal pin. If there is enough space forward of the grill to secure the pin to the underside of the bonnet/hood, and drill receivers into the fenders, you might be able to go this route. This one would pivot at the installation point, so clearing the headlamps when it swings up will be one of the determining factors for the pin and receiver placement. 

On the right, a bit of styrene with a curved angle, probably more a "U" shape. If space behind the grill/radiator support and the inner fender wells permits, you might get this method to work. This type of install would push the hood up and out, maybe making it easier to clear the grill. Again, getting it as far forward as possible will be the key to getting it to work.

Personally, I'd probably use the one on the right, notching or drilling a hole in the radiator housing, attaching a stop to that end, and then attaching it to the underside of the hood. Really interested to see how you work it.



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Same type of a hinge you would use for doors which swing out from the body (which is what most modelers use when they open the doors on their models).  Then glue the stationary part of the hinge (a tube) under the top of the nose, forward of the hood opening.

Not the best angle, but here is how I did it on my 1:43 Cobra model.


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