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63 Ford Photo etch?

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Good morning gents,

Have any of you ever seen or know of a photo etch kit for a 63 Ford Galaxie? Soon, I will be converting a very generously donated 1/25th promo into a Mass State Police car, to be displayed in the Mass State Police Museum and Learning Center, in Grafton Mass.  One of the glaring issues is that all of the photos of the real car(s), have the stylized Ford scripts on the front fenders, as opposed to the Galaxie scripts. The other issues are modeling prowess things that I can handle. Thanks in advance for your help.


Jay C.

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Around 30 years ago there was a company called Performance Detail Products, they made various photo etched parts, nice stuff and ahead of their time. They made a nice detail set for the 63 Galaxie, included scripts, an accurate grille and various other detailing parts. Doubt you'd be able to find one today and I am not sure it had the scripts you are looking for. That is the only 63 Galaxie photo etch set I am aware of,

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Remember that the Massachusetts Police Cruiser was a BASE level Galaxie

While AMT's Promos & kits were ALL of the top of the line 500 & 500XL

thus the different Script


Had a LOT of fun trying to convince people on other forums that the Mayberry Cruisers were Base level Full size Fords

So I KNOW what I am saying here

Police, and other Fleet purchasers (ie Taxi, etc) bought the Cheapest model available!!!!!

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Yes, what Edsel Dan said. The lower model Galaxie in 1963 was called a Galaxie 300 and had the Ford script and also no side chrome trim. I did see some police cars doing a search for 63 Ford police cars, that had no script and some that had Galaxie 500 trim. So, you can perhaps just remove chrome and scripting and be close.

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Maybe another photetched fret (for different model Ford) would have the script close enough to what you're looking for.  If the script is small, maybe a fret for a 1:43 scale model?


There is a seller on eBay selling hundreds of chrome stickers of car logos. Like the ones included with Tamiya kits.  Maybe you'll find something appropriate there.


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