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Where can I buy replacement rims and tires? (Cheaply, if possible)

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I know it is likely this topic has been posted many times before, but I can't seem to find a solid answer. I am very new to this hobby and have started working on my first car. ( 1/24 Monogram BMW 635 CSI) I decided this to be the first car to work on. I realized that this kit was missing a wheel and rim.  The remaining rims, which are basically just "plates" which lay on top of the wheel. (See attached). I was wondering, where could I buy replacement wheels and rims, for cheap? This kit is in 1/24 scale, and so I would probably need those wheels. Is there a certain place I could buy? Do they need to be modified heavily to work with certain kits? You can probably tell, I am pretty new to this :wacko:

Thank you for reading.




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2 hours ago, Miatatom said:

You could always make a mold by using play dough and freeze it. Pop the wheel out and fill with epoxy and you have another wheel.

Agreed. I have the supplies for it, but I kinda wanted completely new wheels and rims for the car I am making. The look of these on my car currently, look kinda... eh. Thanks for the advice though, I may try that.

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If there are any model car contests/shows and swap meets you would probably find lots of wheels and tires to purchase. I know that some areas in this country the swap meets are more plentiful than others. I'm rather lucky to have several swap meets to attend per year within a 50 mile radius.

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If you want different wheels then there are some options.
There are both model kits companies, and aftermarket companies making wheel and tire sets. For example Aoshima and Fujimi (Japanese kit manufacturers) sell wheel and tire sets.  Easiest to get them is on eBay (or possibly on Amazon). Aoshima has the widest range available.  Go to eBay and in the Models and Kits section search for "Aoshima wheels" or Fujumi wheels".  You'll see plenty to choose from. 


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