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'96 Ford Crown Vic Tyler TX Police


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Wheels & rear deck lights from Custom Squads, decals by Speedway Decals.  This represents a patrol vehicle that was reconfigured for duty as a supervisor's car, so I simulated a few rubber plugs where the wiring for the roof lights & antennas were removed.










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On ‎1‎/‎9‎/‎2019 at 1:00 AM, av405 said:

As always, impressive. Have you ever considered doing a "family" shot of all of your Tyler cars?

I need to take some updated shots, but here's what I've got currently.  These photos represent about 2/3 of what I've completed:





The collection is a mix of plastic & diecast...I take what I can find!



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6 hours ago, av405 said:

Thanks for the group shots. My favorites are probably the 1992 CV and the recent Caprice you just did.

Adam, that's the Lindberg Crown Victoria kit.

I'll work on some updated group shots soon.

I've got a CV kit set aside to take another shot at a '92 conversion some day; I'd like to spend more time getting the back end right.  I've also got a couple more Caprices in line, a '91 and a '93, both of which will be in the light blue but will have the city logo on the door (like the 92) as opposed to the PD patch on the 95.

6 hours ago, Mr.Zombie said:

Oh, I asked wrong, sorry, which of the Lindbergs is it? That should have been my question. I’m looking for one that either isn’t painted or painted in only one color...

I used no. 72715, the Orange County Fire boxing.  It looks like Lindberg reused that part number when they released the unmarked version.  I went with this one because it didn't have the holes in the roof for the lights like some releases did.  Some of the later releases contain taillights with only the top half tinted red, so watch out for that.


Thanks for looking-


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