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Resin hoods back on-line!

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These hoods are now back on-line after being unavailable for many years!

All fit AMT kits:
'49 Ford teardrop hood
'55 Chevy L88 hood
'55 Chevy teardrop hood
'56 Ford teardrop hood
'57 Ford teardrop hood
'62 Bel Air teardrop hood
'63-'64 Ford Galaxie teardrop hood

Send me a pm (or e-mail) to get your order in now while the molds are fresh! Keep in mind there is only one mold for each hood. If sales demand a second mold be made in the near future I will take the time to do so; but please be patient with me in the meantime.

If everything goes well as far as sales I will start bringing back some more of my old hoods. I have around 30 of my old masters set aside that I could see bringing back; while some of the others weren't great sellers, were made for obscure out of production kits, or the masters are in poor shape due to age and storage (body filler shrinking or cracking, etc.)












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15 hours ago, Snake45 said:

The teardrop hoods are very cool! Do you have them for the AMT '65 Falcon and AMT '66 Mustang? 

I used to offer these particular hoods that you mentioned; but am testing the waters by bringing back this 'batch' of hoods first; which were some of my better sellers over the past 15 years. If sales don't amount to much there's no sense in grabbing more from my pile of hood masters to bring back on-line. I have around 30 other hoods that I would entertain molding again; while many others are not coming back for various reasons.

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On 10/7/2021 at 1:24 PM, Snake45 said:

I'm very interested in a teardrop hood for the Revell '56 Del Ray, if you have that available. Thanks. 

I haven't offered that particular hood in over a decade I am sorry to say. You can check my Fotki albums to see the hoods that I do still offer. If you need the l ink just send me a PM.

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