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Cracking and crazing paint saga

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10 hours ago, kymdlr said:

Thread bump. 

this is airbrushed splash paints lacquer base with a rustoleum lacquer rattle can clear. This clear is usually my go-to with no problems. The base was perfectly smooth. When I sprayed on the clear, it immediately started to wrinkle and finished with this. Any thoughts on what went wrong?



The only paints I put Rustoleum clear lacquer over confidently is artist acrylics and craft paints. Never an issue, goes great. I wouldn't ever put Rustoleum lacquer over any enamel as hot lacquer over enamel is a well known issue, or even the hobby lacquers, as it's too vague as to what those lacquers really are. Or for that matter some of the hobby acrylics even. Certainly not without testing.

The clear's solvents and carrier attacked your color coat, as has been mentioned. The color coat and Rustoleum lacquer are not compatible.

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I don't know what to say other than in the time that I spend on a number of Facebook groups, I see Rustoleum issues on an almost daily basis.

Personally, I would never use Rustoleum paint on anything other than the occasional chassis part.

With all of the constant issues that I see with the stuff, it's not worth the risk.






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