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Datsun 240z "Ninja Gaiden"


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2015 issue of Revell BRE Datsun 240z racer. On top of having some warped spots (that were partially fixed without breaking another hood or set of glass into two), most parts needed massaging, hollowing, and trimming to lay in place. Main offender was the dashboard being too tall and making the body look like a lift up funny car. That and the firewall needed to be trimmed to get the body to frame/interior fit in line. It's not perfect, but acceptable considering the warping didn't help a kinda messy 70s era Revell kit.

Following modifications were made:

Upgraded wheels/tires + brakes from an Aoshima lightsports series MX5 Miata. Wheels were painted Rustoluem Metallics Pure Gold

Custom built twin turbo and FI system using Tamiya Toyota Supra 2Jz header

Custom built intercooler

Frame/interior paint is Rustoluem Universal Aluminum. Exterior is an unknown (can had no label) brand of Satan Black. I figured this color combo would replicate a stealth jet lightweight racer design.








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An evocative interpretation of the only car to come out of Japan that I'd be interested in having a drive in! I love the exhausts.

I built one of these out of the box as a kid, you were right to change the wheels and tyres!

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21 hours ago, Vincent631 said:

Very cool build, I like the straight pipes! Boost that six cylinder engine and then do a LS1 swap when it gets blown up.

Thanks! Yeah, stuff that BLAH_BLAH_BLAH_BLAH with an LS when it blows LOL! Straight pipe exhaust is the stock piece from the BRE version.

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