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Polar Lights Petty Talladega


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While I was waiting on the part to arrive for the JoHan Petty Superbird I had started (see previous post!) I decided to build up the Polar Lights Petty Talladega I had sitting in my stash.  I have built other versions of this kit and I have a definite "Love/Hate" relationship with these kits.  They are a pretty accurate representation of a NASCAR car from that era, but they can be a real PITA to build up, and I've found that SOME of the bodies have a "funky" upturn at the front wheelwell.  

Paint is Tamiya TS23 for the body, Testors Gull Gray for the frame and interior and various other Tamiya and Testors paints for the remainder.  Window trim was done with a Molotow 1mm chrome pen.  As an aside, I actually got to see this car run and WIN in 1969 at Smoky Mountain Raceway in Marysville TN.  My one and only NASCAR CUP level race I have ever attended. 

Thanks for looking!!  Comments welcome!






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These kits are demanding to say the least and hard to put together, most if not all of the bodies of the Polar Lights Talladega and Cyclone kits has this upturn of the front fenders but it can be fixed with some minor sugery, do a relief cut to the "sheet metal" inside the fender towards the firewall on both sides and carefully bend the front down under warm water to get the fenders to the right position, after that you have to reshape the wheel well at the front some, a quite easy fix that will do wonders for the end result.

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