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Chevy II wagon in Argentina (lots of character!)

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9 hours ago, Brian Austin said:

Interesting two-tone body paint, some missing trim and a little rust...



That's beyond a little rust. With this type of rot and this being a Unibody construction type vehicle you have to wonder what the suspension mounting points look like and the floors also. I will say someone has gotten their moneys worth out of this car since it is more than 50 years old. 

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Also note the '65 grille. 13" 4-bolt steelies are on my someday-to-do list...

1 hour ago, Brian Austin said:

I regularly trawl South American automotive sales sites, and there's a lot of tired old iron out there.  Lots of patina and just plain rust-through.  :-)

Brian, have you checked out revolico.com? It's Cuba's version of Craigslist; some interesting stuff there.

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A while ago I did find a Cuban site or so, but don't recall the name.  I shall check out the one you suggest.  Thanks. 

MercadoLibre (Argentina, Uruguay, Chile, etc.) and MercadoLivre (Brazil) along with arcar.org are my main references, though others come up in image searches.

The Fosiles Mecanicos blog, apparently based in Argentina but occasionally covers Uruguayan subjects is a fun place to browse.       http://fosilesmecanicos2.blogspot.com/

Russian/Eastern European sites can be fascinating as well.  :-)

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