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Got my Hellcat! and Hello!


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Usually I'm just looking and reading through the many greats posts here, but finally have something to share.  I got my Hellcat Challenger conversion kit!

I've been wanting this for quite a while, so I'm really excited (can you tell)!  Now i just need the Revell Challenger kit to arrive, which i ordered from a store in the US, so i can begin building.

I haven't completed a kit in many years, I haven't really had the time, or especially the space to paint properly, but now I have some good motivation, and time abundant being stuck mostly working from home right now!


Let me share what I've learned has transpired.

The operator of Clearly Scale was going through some serious health problems over the past few years, he doesn't say in much detail, but others have said he'd had some heart problems, surgeries and a type of stroke, all of which are kind of related in my limited knowledge.

So it was great news to see some new posts of activity.  There's no post on his facebook page, so I reached out via email (clearlyscale @ gmail).

He's getting some help from family it seems, which is good.  Their first priority has been since setting up shop again, as he was put into some type of special care for his condition for over a year, maybe still is?  and they've been working many months since, on clearing up any old orders, like mine was.  I had ordered through the web store, which they closed after his problems, to avoid more orders coming in.  This was the information shared in email contact, when they reached out to check on my old order, which was placed december 2018, but i got a full refund back for it.  I asked to purchase my original order, and if it was possible to get a Hellcat conversion kit too?  They said were planning to make them again, and sent me my original order, which i was happy to purchase again.

They asked I wait for a few months for the Hellcat kit, as they were focused on fixing any old back order issues first.  They never invoiced me, until they had the parts ready and sent them out the day after I paid.  It was pretty quick as I'm also in Canada.  My understanding is that they are not planning to reopen web store, and instead have begun to supply a couple of retailers.  I've seen some unfair harsh remarks posted online, but I know from my previous purchase back in 2017, he was doing a tonne of work and so limited online for replies, especially for a small one man show, but they quality was as amazing as everyone said, so well worth the wait which he had posted everywhere for production lead wait times.

I just feel it's fair to post up some positive news about them here, and show you the cool parts I got!






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More pictures, the smoothness is amazing, my pictures don't really do justice to how nice the parts are.

I asked if there was a manual transmission version of the engine, and nice surprise to see both a manual and the automatic transmissions sent.  I recognize the engine set, I had purchased one back after he first started making them, and seen a couple of poor recasts done by others of his work (shame)!  The decals are really nice, both silver and black.  I love how they include extra parts, like the belts, as if they just know I'm going to need a backup (ha ha).  The hood has some nice underneath sound padding detail.




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On 1/16/2021 at 2:41 PM, AmericanMuscleFan said:

Welcome to the forum Jerry, I can't wait to see your post on this subject!

I also bought the Clearly Scale Dodge Challenger Hellcat Conversion Kit 2 weeks about ago and received it in 5 days.  Very nice kit and exceptional customer service on top of that!!! ?

Thank you both for Hellos :)

That is quick.  |Iknow they are only producing a few at a time, as they ease back into production, and still working on clearing up any outstanding orders requests from when his health last made him MIA.  My set took a few weeks, they were busy when i emailed in my request, but they didn't invoice me right away, and did notify me when it was ready to be purchased and shipped, then it took only a week being within Canada shipping.  It's a much different situation now, as before it was only him, a entirely one man production, and orders non-stop probably.  I can't imagine how he ever produced so much stuff by himself?  Now I just need my painting booth and dryer set up completed, to begin doing some actual building!


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