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Clarence Young/TJH Model '53 Ford wagon - info?

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I sold off some more of Tom Piagari's unfinished projects last weekend at the LMMCC meeting for his widow (thanks to all those who bought them! :)). One that hasn't sold yet was this resin '53 Ford wagon:



Under the hood are the words "Copyright Property of TJH Model". Does anyone have some history on this kit, like when it was made, who mastered it, etc.?

It's a solid kit (no windows or interior; plate chassis) but the quality is really really nice; almost as if Modelhaus made a Banthrico! It doesn't look like the Lindberg '53 Ford kit was used for the master (the grille is different). Other chrome is in the packet - dog dish hubcaps, taillights and hood ornament. The wheels seem to be injection molded (one is missing - the kit's only flaw) and I think the tires could be kit-sourced (Goodyear Super Cushions with sprayed-on whitewalls)? Note the wood areas are separate parts and there are neatly printed peel and stick appliques for the dark panels.

So if anyone can fill me in on more history (did Clarence/TJH make any other kits?) and especially if one of you could turn up another wheel, I'd greatly appreciate it. I was asking $70 obo for it at the meet; does that sound like a fair price? 


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