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Wix filter 1970 Hemi Dodge Challenger


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Here is my 1970 Hemi Dodge Challenger...In my dreams car...Yea,like that will happen.Lol...She was part of the promotional for Wix filters.There is a 2 car set.This car and a 2009?Challenger..The 70 Hemi Challenger is 1:24 and the 09(?) is a 1:16...I just bought the 70 Hemi Challenger.I really like the detail on this 70 Hemi Challenger...Thanks for looking..








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1 hour ago, Snake45 said:

That's a nice-looking model. I'll have to keep my eye out for one at a good price. Thanks for sharing it! B)

Thanks...I got lucky on this one...I got it for a good price.Then in shipment the antenna broke.And the seller refunded some money back.The detail is really good.The carpet is a felt like material.I am not sure but I think it's a Highland Mint Promotional for Wix Filters..

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1 hour ago, Geno said:

A beauty for sure. I have the Tor-Red version of this model, a Philly Mint exclusive and also the Vanishing Point version.

Thank you...Wow...Those must be sweet.Do you have any pictures?It would be cool to see them..

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1 hour ago, Bills72sj said:

Very fast too. The summer of 1984 we street raced a number of times in Missouri and Nebraska. NEVER got beat even once.

What did you have under the hood?440?That is one sweet Challenger.Do you still have her?

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Here they are guys. I need to do more pics of the Vanishing Point Challenger but here it is pictured with the DM Hemi 'Cuda CV. Sorry it's been awhile. Been busy with some remodel work.












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