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3rd gen Camaro

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On 10/20/2023 at 8:09 PM, Rattlecan Dan said:

Soon as I seen those headlight covers, I thought Earnhardt...IROC. 

Donato, this gen of Camaro participated in many racing series where headlight covers were used. As time goes by, small hints will show what it is, as I progress to getting the body ready for primer and paint. Stay tuned and it will all be revealed, but that was a good guess. Thanks for your interest in the build.

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2 minutes ago, Pierre Rivard said:

So It appears you'll keep us guessing until the big reveal?

Pretty much, but usually by the time I get the body painted it's pretty apparent what it is and probably who the driver is as well. Thanks for dropping in, Pierre.

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I think I have got rid of everything on the body that should not be there. There were some mold lines at the ends of the rear bumper, and it had a z-28 emblem on the right side of the rear bumper right over a trench line that had to be fixed. There were mold lines between the back of the roof and the sail panels. The door handles and gas tank filler door were also removed. The front side marker lamps also said bye bye. Hopefully I can sand and prime the body and get some paint on it.

















1tl99 - Copy.jpg




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Finally found the grille material somebody sent me many moons ago. He said it was tropical fish tank filter material. It works perfectly for fine mesh grilles for model cars. If that person is reading this, thank you very much again for supplying, it to me. I really appreciate it. A little black wash and it should work great for this build.



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Finally got the first coats of paint on it. They will have to be sanded smooth and a final coat put on it. the info said the car was a petty blue, so I mixed up 5 drops of Vallejo deep sky blue with 1 drop of sky blue and 6 drops of thinner. the one good color photo of the real car looks pretty close to what I ended up with.






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These photos I posted are actually a little lighter shade than the actual model looks in person. The paint got a little wonky in a few spots so I will have to block sand those spots and hit it again with some more coats till I can clear it and polish the clear. Then it will be ready for decals when the rest of the model is finished. 

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I sanded the body to remove the flaws and of course went through to primer so I gave it a couple more coats and sanded again with a finer grit polishing pad. I'm hoping to do a couple of light coats to get a good final finish so I can clear it. There are some items I need to paint black before I add the clear.  A note on the paint process. You start out with thick coats that you don't brush on. Instead, you pat the paint on if you can picture that. This vallejo paint is so thin and thinning it 100 % really causes coverage problems even over white primer. You have to thin it 100 % to get rid of any brush strokes that might occur even with the patting process. I wish I could do a you tube video to show the process but that's not going to happen.

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I'm through with the blue part of the body. Just need to mask and paint the hood louvers, headlamp covers, park light covers, and the top part of the rear spoiler black. then I can clear the body and polish it and move on to the chassis. The paint in the photos my phone camera took are a little lighter than it actually is in real life. It really is a pretty close match for Petty blue. Hopefully the final photos will bear this out.







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1 hour ago, Rattlecan Dan said:

Came out nice. All the attention to little things adds up to nice build. Nice color as well.

Thanks Donato. I'm having more trouble with the headlight covers and rear spoiler but hopefully they will work out Okay. I'm itching to get started on the chassis.

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just a light sanding with 6000 grit pad, Then I will brush on some clear to polish out with some Novus polish. Then I can finally move on to the chassis. Nothing accurate here because of the lack of ref pictures. But should still be an interesting shelfer.





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Using Vallejo gloss varnish as my clear this time. I really liked the way it went on and flowed out sort of like the way future does. I thinned it 100% with distilled water. no brush strokes and it should give a harder finish for polishing.







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