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drawing of KITT from KNIGHT RIDER


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i drew this today 10/14/23  it is KITT  driving along a desert highway  from the pilot of the show which is a two parter called knight of the phoenix  20 minutes of that pilot was filmed over the course of 3 days a friday saturday and a sunday and edited together for a presentation reel to show to the nbs execs in nyc for the 82 tv season it was stuck on  red eye flight to nyc to get there in time monday morning  after they green lit the show the started to film season 1 and the last thing they filmed was the rest of the pilot two parter  which they had to bring back the actors from that were filmed for scene in that 20 minute presentation and there were some continuity errors that poped up due to filming parts way later like  david's sideburns had  become fuller and KITT's  front end and the look of dash changed a bit so things kept going back and forth and tward the end michael knight was shot in his sholder which was filmed as part of the 20 minute pilot presentation but for the rest of the shot that were new they could not remember which sholder he was shot in so  you see hime sometimes holding his left shoulder and other shots holding his right sholder 


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8 hours ago, slusher said:

Very nice drawing Michelle of KiTT.   You really know lots of information about the show.

Thank you 
It is partly in thanks to a YouTube channel called the knight rider historians and this book written by one of the the two knight rider historians for the 30th anniversary of knight rider in 2012 



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