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Autoquiz #592 - Finished

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I thought that this would be an easy one but some guys had their problems with the correct year of this car. 

1962 Studebaker GT Hawk or Studebaker Grand Turismo Hawk

This was the final development of the Hawk lineup that started with the Golden Hawk in 1956. The Hawk was the top line form Studebaker. In 1962 a radical facelift of the old Hawk gave it a more European look. At the front a Mercedes styled grill along with rectangular turn signal lights while at the trunk a brushed aluminum cover was installed. In 1963 the turn siglnal ligths at the front were round and the Studebaker Hawk nameplate was now covered by a black strip in the aluminium cover at the rear. There were some discussions about the color of the rear indicators. There were clear and also amber lens installed. It is not clear if the amber lights were only for export cars or not. 

The correct answer were sent in by:


Richard Bartrop


CHris R






Auotquiz 592.jpg

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Those amber lights are interesting.

Generally, directly visible white lights on the rear of US-market cars are prohibited for anything but reversing (indirect tag-lighting doesn't count, obviously),

The lower lenses on US Studebakers like this were commonly white reversing-lights, and the stop and turn-signal functions would be combined within the large red lens, standard US practice at the time.

The amber lenses may well have been fitted to European-market cars, with the turn-signal function moved out of the large red lens to comply with Euro regs...thus eliminating the reversing-light function unless a separate white lamp was provided elsewhere.

I have, however, seen supposedly US-market Hawks with amber lower lenses, and no reversing lights. Curious. There's surely a Studebaker aficionado who knows the straight info.

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