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Wanted : These Halibrand wheels..


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What's up yall,

I'm after a set of 4, or heck, even just 1 of these Halibrand magnesium wheels :


After searching the Google, as well as all the resin casters sites that I know of, I came up with nothing..

Except that these, or a close facsimile, are included in the AMT '63 Studebaker Avanti kit..

I need em for my '64 Dodge Charger I concept car project that I want to make as accurate as is possible..




If you've got a set of em, or shoot, even a whole '63 Avanti kit if need be, that you'll trade to me, PM me, we'll work somethin out!

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14 hours ago, TarheelRick said:

Just picked up an Avanti kit at Ollie's this afternoon, $12.99+tax.



I dropped by Ollie's yesterday mornin..

Wasn't nothin to write home about this time, model area was wiped out!

I've gotten pretty lucky at Ollie's in the last few months though..

Just gotta hit em on the right day!

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