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How much difference is there between the JoHan ambulance and hearse?

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The outer surfaces of the upper body are different.  Hearse has a covered/textured roof and no quarter windows.  An ambulance could be converted to a "combination".  In some smaller towns, the funeral home operated the ambulance service with the same vehicle being used for both.  The combination would basically be the ambulance with lights removed (temporarily lights used?) with the hearse version having removable filler panels attached over the quarter window areas.  Not sure what colors were used for the combinations however.

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Both kits are authentic conversions.  Most Cadillac hearse and ambulances were converted by one of two companies; the Jo-Han kits are accurate versions of one company's offerings (name of the company escapes me at the moment).  Someone in my area has a 1:1 '66 hearse that matches the kit exactly.

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The company was Miller Meteor. When I started in ambulance work the company had conversion hearses. The hearse consisted of the side panels that went on with knurled screws and clips, the casket rollers were in the floor some had removable casket rollers. electronic siren control head (Federal PA 20s) were kept under the dash along with the Motrac radio and light switch. To make an ambulance you removed the side panels, placed carpet in the back. The cot bar was always in the unit. you put the casket stop in the floor trunk. put in a cot, first aid equipment, and we used Federal TwinSonics that fastened to the gutters above the windows and had plugs for the lights and the siren speakers (converted trailer connection). Unfold the jump seat. You had your city map on the seat and billing sheets and you were ready to go.

If anyone is interested in real hearses and ambulance a good reference is the Professional Car Society .https://professionalcarsociety.org/



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