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Where's this been?

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Got this off hype-bay. Paid a little more than usual for it but look at it. It's the original issue kit from 1981, built, and not a speck of dust on it. Just the CB aerials have snapped. They must have built it and put it straight in the box. Never put the decals on it either. 





I had this kit in 1981 so it's great to see it again. I can't leave it like this though, so I'm going to do some work on it but I want it to look like the original release that it is. 


Here is mine on the shelf in 1981. 

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I did, it's not too bad to do. It wasn't too much trouble really, even for a scaredy cat like me! I centered the cut lines on the centre of the locker doors because it let me keep the vents and the holes for the grab rails.



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