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Modified 58 Edsel

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What do you do if you have 25 kits in various stages of build…start another one of course. I purchased this kit because I was needing the windshield and chrome for another build. Already started messing with the roll cage and motor but since it’s been warmer here I can get outside to sand and paint. Lots of trim to remove. I vowed to finish this one.☝️ IMG_7608.thumb.jpeg.66c4abae9c200485914a61cb3209b014.jpegIMG_7604.thumb.jpeg.6becef06b7979ec83d340b48ce6d9ef9.jpeg 

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24 minutes ago, Horrorshow said:

Cut open the wheel wells for larger tires.IMG_7613.thumb.jpeg.264ded926dd687ba2d01c4ddf6b3d7f8.jpeg

I have a couple of pill vials I use with sand paper wrapped around them. I get it close then do a fit check with the chassis almost done.

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On 5/5/2024 at 2:03 PM, Horrorshow said:

That’s a 1959… l have seen a few like this 

The top car is a 58, the lower is a 59. Took some looking to notice they are different cars.


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I use a lot of PPP cages from eBay... free shipping from one seller. They are made nicer now, they used to have lines in them that were tough to sand out.

My only gripe is that the front legs are closer together than the back legs. I prefer a square cage, it gives more room for the seat. The last ones I have done, I offsetted the cages to the left a little. I have seen this often enough on 1:1 stock cars.

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