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1975 Jorgensen Eagle - Bobby Unser

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I'm back from Indy so I thought I would start a new Indy race car. Actually, I started it before I left. I found another set of Indy race tires that are not two piece tires like the ones in this old kit. I also ordered decals from IndyCals and they are here already after I got back. I am using the 1974 kit but the 1975 Eagle that won the race in 1975 is the same car it looks like to me or is close enough. So this one will get a light blue color. I found this kit at the last model car show and probably paid too much for it at $40, but as they say, they ain't making no more of them. 

There are a lot of little circle thingys in the plastic and most are not visible but the one that are I am filing and sanding. There are a couple of sink marks in the wing fairings that I borrowed from a Penske PC-6 that fit the shape of the fairing for the 1975 Eagle. I also filled and sanded them. I have sanded down 1 tire so far and painted the inside of the wheel black. I will do the same for the other 3 wheels. I am in the process of painting the body parts with primer. I think I will have to paint all the parts before I can assemble many as it will be too difficult to assemble with white glue and paint the body and then pull it apart to assemble, only to try to match everything up again. I'll have to try to make sure the paint and glue play nice as I assemble the painted pieces of the body. Here are a few photos. Thanks for looking! 😎





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Thanks, Mike, Bruce and Andrew! I appreciate your comments! I sat in the Grandstands and had a good view of the 4th turn. It was quite a race on the last lap! 

First, I had to sand out the pin marks on the sides of both mirrors. Then I drilled a couple of holes in the top of the body cowling for the mirrors. I have also pinned the mirrors on some 1/32" brass rod about 1/4" long using a 69 and 65 drill bit in my pin vise. Unless the mirrors are raised the driver won't be able to see behind.  I also figured out how the radiator and radiator shrouds should be positioned. So I glued in the shrouds for painting and I can slip in the radiators for assembly later.

So I found a can of Krylon Short Cuts Light Blue to use although I hate to use Krylon on a body but there isn't any light blue model lacquer out there and I don't like to use enamel because I would have to use clear enamel over it and that always yellows so quickly. I hope to get paint on it today but it will be iffy because rain is on its way. Thanks for looking! 😎






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I've been fighting the plastic, the paint and the weather for days but I think I finally have all the light blue painted. I only need to rub out a few pieces yet and I can't seem to get a good gloss but pastel colors are hard to get glossy. The Krylon Short Cuts used to be better paint but they must have changed the formula and now its just crappy paint. I've also assembled the engine and added spark plug wires. Hopefully, this will start moving a little faster from here. Thanks for looking! 😎




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I wasn't happy about the color of the Short Cuts paint and the finish. It wasn't really a gloss. So I thought about it and I orignally bought a bottle of Testors Gloss Light Blue. So I thinned it and broke the airbrush out and repainted everything. Its been two days for most of it and the rest was sprayed with a lacquer clear so I figured I was safe from the 48 hour rule. And I was right! So now I have a somewhat darker, richer, and glossy finish! I'll have to rub it out again but won't need a clear and I think this will look much better. Thanks for looking! 😎


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Thanks, Stephen! I agree! 

Now that I have it repainted and rubbed out I am much happier with the gloss and finish. It took a good part of the day to rub  everything out again. I still have the wing fairings to finish but I can move on to the suspension assemblies and tires and finish the tires and wheels. Thanks for looking! 😎




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I finished the engine assembly and rear suspension. I only have to attach the rear wheel hubs and it will be done. I also finished the wheels and tires. The tires are from the parts box, the wheels are from the kit and the decals are from IndyCals. I smoked the wheels for a darker more race car-like appearance. I may add some more painted tape that I think are pressure sensors. I know there are wires running to them in photos but not being a mechanic I am not sure. Thanks for looking! 😎



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This one is done. The rear wing is certainly a challenge to assemble but I think I have it in place correctly and it looks straight. Indy Cal decals went on well except for the font wing Goodyear decals and the Owner, driver, mechanic info on the bulkhead area. The decals were a little too big which may indicate that AMT made some changes between the 1974 and 1975 models. That has not been my experience in the past, but they may have made a few changes instead of just changing the decals and instructions and re-packaging the prior year into a new box.  Final photos are in the "Under Glass" section. Thanks for looking! 😎



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