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99 chevy puller


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Thanks for the replies. The large front bumper is the weight boxto offset the weight the sled puts on the rear of the truck as it goes down the track.

The turck is only my version of a puller. I wish someone would make the new style tires. Does anyone know of any?

David H.

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I finally had time to do a little painting.

The seat is from one of my dirt track cars, flimsy five or mustang. The tires are resin from the modelhaus. I contacted Fred from Freds Resin he said that he doesn't know any thing about those type of rims, I think I need to measure the opening and look at what he offers. We will see. What do you think about my color choice? The paint is very rough but will sand smooth.




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David thanks for the reply I will deff. have to order a set or two of those tires from the modelhaus now. Ironically I just walked into the house from watching the real 1:1 pullers just like these tonight and man you scale version is looking dead on bud. Outstanding work and I like the contrasting paint colors you chose. keep up the awesome work


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