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1/64th caddy hearse for my mom!


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wait wait wait

1394 posts and this is your FIRST in under glass ?

you are slacking young grashopper

i know theres more you got to show us so get too it

(cool caddy by the way, its always nice if we can use our talents to make mom happy)

yeah, yeah, i know, i'm slow. and yeah i got lots to show, but i can't. sorry. most of my stuff is packed up in storage. and i'm currently have no place to stay, ugh. well i'm staying with a friend, but i can't do any model work or anything right now. but when i get another job, and all of the problems are settled out, then i will get back to working.


That's a nice little hearse. Great paint work. I am also getting in to customizing Hot Wheels along with my model building. It's a good change of pace. Let us see more.


thank you very much for the kind words. yeah its a change of pace, and also size, LOL! but its fun. i have been customizing small cars for a long time now, i got a wild one to show, but i can't exactly do it right now. well......... in a few days, i will try to get pics of the latest stage its in!

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QUOTE(KUZTOMMODELS88 @ Oct 24 2009, 05:10 PM) and oh, this is my first thread in the under glass section! LOL! biggrin.gif

Well, it's about time!

Nice work, my man! Wish I could do stuff like that on a model that small!

lol, thank you! and lol, its a little hard to do, but its cool and fun. and also not to mention its easier on the details too (SORTAlaugh.gif )

Kewl, it's allways nice to build for moms....

yeah, it was fun to make it for her, she loves it! its her favorite car and her favorite color too!

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Your mom's favorite car is a hearse??? blink.gif

Who's your mom... Elvira? laugh.gif

yeah, its her favorite car, her other favorite car is a geo storm gsi! lol, and i got a model of one of them and i'm also working(was working on it) to make it look like the one she used to own, i loved it. that strom was a cool car!

hahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!! if my mom was Elvira, then my whole family would be the Adam's family! LOL,

Nice to see you again there Brandon. Nice color for the hearse. I thought about doing stuff like that but not to comfy with the idea of popping the rivets. Oh and lol @ Elvira

thank you for the kind words friend! and oh, well its not hard to drill out the rivets, and if you get it just right (whitch i never do) you can drill enough of the rivet out, and get the bottom off but it will still snap back on. but most of the time i glue the bottom on.

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Thanks for the tip Brandon, I just got ahold of a dremel so maybe I'll try it hmmmmm..... Look what you started laugh.gif

anytime! its easy once you get the hang of it. just don't drill to fast and to hard other wise you might mess something up! i learned the hard way, sorta, lol.

hey check this out, this is a small collection of the cars i want to modify! : http://hobbiesnstuff.darkbb.com/mixed-metal-scale-wip-f26/my-to-customize-little-cars-t227.htm

yeah, there is alot! LOL!

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