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Altered Wheelbase Mercury Caliente

Dave Mikrut

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While working on restoring the old Mustang junk box awb "Physical Therapy" I thought I would challange myself

a little and work on this idea I had to alter thewheelbase of the recently re-re-re-released, Mercury Caliente kit.

Thanks ModelKing!!!

When they first started altering the wheelbases in 1964 they just hogged out the wheelwell and didn't do the nice

fancy body work until later...like 1965 hehe.

My model will be either Sach's brothers, Dyno Don, even Arnie Beswick had one of these. I'm goin to do a little

hunting for decals or I may have to make my own.

I'm working with the Daddy Warbucks kit and simply stated I had alter the wheelwell forward of the rear axle and

lenghten the chassis and the fotos show so far what I have.

More on "Physical Therapy" later tonite or tomorrow.








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Thanks very much to all the people who have shared their stories and given encouraging words. The most encouraging thing of all, is that as long as I don't give up and keep working hard every day, there's always something new everyday, that I couldn't do yesterday. So I'll call a friend or a family member and say, "Hey guess what? I was holding my toast with my left (weak) hand and putting the peanut butter on with my right hand today!" And they will say, "Dave, I am so happy for you!"

I have had many people before my stroke tell me that they enjoy my work and that I inspire them to try new things and that makes me very happy. Lot's of times you are watching me try new things for the very first time so we are learning together. The same holds true with my stroke, I never had one before, but we're learning together and if anything, I hope you will understand, why the word can't does not exist to me anymore.

We can do this...

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Got a cool little project going there Dave!

Great to see you going at it so hard! best therapy you can get is "will power" to jump back into daily life and push ahead!

My wife just told the doctor to release her for work, not asked but told him!!! he was suggesting she go sign up for SSD and she told him "I'm too damned young to retire and I'm not totally disabled" and that was that!:D

She will start back on the 3rd of Jan. just 12 days short of 6 months after her stroke!

The kids and I are all so proud of her! :D

Just keep on doing what you are doing, you're going to do just fine!:D

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Hey Dave, sorry to hear of you having a stroke. Your modeling work looks top notch! I really like how you masked and painted the silver rear section of the chassis. Looks perfect! It's funny how modelers get the same ideas, as I had been toying with my Nova project. And here you are, building basically the same kit.... Maybe we can share/swap ideas for our projects?Keep up the good work! Great photos too.

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