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1961 Ford Starliner!

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after searching for many years, and never finding one,

I just received an email from my online distributor..............

A 1961 Ford Starliner is coming!

Now I'm gonna have to track down a few 1960 Galaxie kits for chassis donors.

apparently this '61 is going to be more of a curbside kit.

Now I can build a replica of a car I knew years & years ago.

a '61 Starliner with a 427 SOHC..... B)

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Just checked my '61 and couldn't find a date on it anywhere. Maybe Round2 will issue it with all of the Styline parts? It shows a lot of funky looking custom parts on the instructions,some of which were in the kit. I know it had some of the custom parts in the issue I have because I remember tossing them. It also came with a wall mount and a pen holder.

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I think the last Styline reissue (in the short, wide box) was late 1990's. It's a fairly good kit, but both the ones I have have bad plating on the chrome parts- rough and discolored in spots.

The Starliner top from the later '60 kit fits like a glove, but you'll need to do a little bit of work to shape the lower part of the backlight, and rescribe the trunk cut line.


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