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How to Paint Flames

Chris C

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Hi Guys,

You may have seen the Flamed 49 Mercury I posted in "Under Glass" a little while back (Merc Here). I had a few questions on how it was done & I figured it was better to show you rather than tell you. I've finally gotten around to making a video of the process. I wasn't able to show video of the paint application (not enough hands & my painting area is a pig sty, therefore too embarrassing!) so I have stills of each step. Hope the video makes sense, please feel free to ask any questions. Enjoy!

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Hi guys, glad you liked the video. I'll probably do a couple more to show some of the trickier applications of the masks, like the full fendered 32 Ford set.

There has been some changes since I had initially talked with Gregg about featuring the flames in the mag. The price is now $13AU per set including shipping worldwide. I'm basically a 1 man band when it comes to producing these, it can get pretty time consuming when you do all the design, testing, instructions, cutting and taping the masks, packing and shipping! $13 is about the best I can do at this stage, that may change if the quantities improve.

At this point I haven't got any distribution in the US (or anywhere!) so it's all up to me. I'm working on the website as time allows so that they can be bought there. At the moment I'm doing everything via Paypal or Ebay (but they're $15 on Ebay to cover the fees etc)

I'm also going to add an offer to the forum members, if you happen to bugger up any 1 part of the mask when applying it, I'll replace it for free. If you wreck more, then we'll have to talk! :)

Thanks again & give them a go! I want to see more!

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Hi George,

Correct, you can only use the mask once, the process of peeling the mask of after painting, destroys the masking film. It will stretch and tear when removing it. For example, if you wanted to flame 2 cars you'll need 2 masks.

Hope this helped


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