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What kit is this 73 Barracuda Body From?

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I recently won this off E-bay. It came with the gutted interior ,But a Stock chassis. What was left of the previous window unit said 1973 Barracuda. I know its aa MPC kit, But wondering which one. I'm in the process of getting ready to restore it, But, I would like to know kit it was at one time, And on the rear quarter panels, It has Barracuda Emblems, And the headlight are sunk in, Not like the snap kit body, Here are the photos of the car mocked up with other parts I recently got.



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That would be the Motown/Mopar Missle Pro Stock kit. The black styrene and gutted interior are the clues.

Really? How cool is that. What bumpers went on that car the 71-72 Style, Or the 73-74 style, I've never seen the unbuilt kit before in person.
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Check the Modelhaus, Don has lots of parts for many kits. The bumpers for this kit would $6.50 each.

Ok thanks for the tip, But at this time the only way I could get the bumpers would be to trade for something, Or just put on the 73-74 Style bumpers. But I do want to get started on it though, I have 6 of these on my bench ,The 70,71,72,73 and 2 74's. That hood I have on it was cut from the snap kit body, But I would like to make the factory stock build out of it, All I'm missing is the bumpers, The Jo-han Bumpers work perfect,But I only have the one , And I need those for that car, I would even take a warped set of them, Just so I could finish the car without having to spend alot of money on them, I have to build on a budget right now, The winter killed my modeling funds over the winter, I was lucky to get the stuff I have, I payed $16 for this car. And my wife bought the 70 for me, The rest of the cuda stuff I traded for.
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