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Fred Flypogger as SUPER ALTERED!


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Fred Flypogger as SUPER ALTERED!!!

Fred's transformation from SUPER FUZZ to SUPER ALTERED is complete!


Fred's ride has been updated with the following New Parts for the Drag strip:Traction Bars, Radius Rods, Hemi Heads, Hemi Valve Covers, Rear Supercharger Cover, Headers, Wire Wheels, Rocket Engine, Padded Interior, Radiator Shell, T Shifter, Bi-Level Wing, Parachute, Front Engine Cover, Roll Bar & Wired Distributor.


This was Great Fun, I haven't built a Cartoon Monster Car since I was a kid.


Rocket Power!!!


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This is as cool as it gets, just looks so good, you did a great job. Love all the little details and extra time and effort you put into Fred and his car, thanks for sharing with us. Bad guys beware!!!!


Thanks for the kind words Mike!

This was Great Fun!!!

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looks cool :)

it reminds me the old days when i was 8 but they had a whole collection at the time,you must paid a very hefty price at evil bay for that one. again great work


I picked up some SUPER FUZZ reissues from 2000 from Ebay for $25 to $30 including shipping...

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You know, I'm getting sick of seeing the Monster Energy Drink graphics every where, but it's perfect on your build!

Thanks Billy!

Fred Flypogger liked the MONSTER logo so much that he got a big "MONSTER SCRATCH" Tatoo on his back!

(Sorry you can't see it in these photos.)

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