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Has anyone ever tried Alsa Killer Chrome?

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Considering how much you could chrome-plate with one kit (if it works), I'm not too sure whether the price is out of proportion.

Chrometech isn't cheap either and using alclad requires the whole airbrush shebang setup.

So yes, I'd be keen to know whether it works, too.

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Cool idea for someone that doesn't have an airbrush. But I wouldn't pay that much especially for their 2 part spray can set up for clear. Way to expensive, and once you puncture the bottom to mix the catalyst/hardner you only have a certain amount of time before the can is rendered useless.

If you already spray Automotive paints and 2 part Auto Clear, my suggestion would be to go with House of Kolor's Kosmic Krome. 2oz bottle is $24.95 expensive for the small amount. But much cheaper, unless you don't have the Clear, Reducer and Catalyst to then go over it.

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if I'm not mistaken, the Alsa Killer Cans are actually a 2 part system.

They have the hardner/activator inside that can and you activate it to use the can properly.

Once you have activated it, you have to use it before it "kicks".

As it comes, it is a one time use. But, you can either send the can back or purchase the filler station for them.

Either way, it is too expensive for me.

You have to have a painted and cleared black basecoat for the chrome to go over. The House of Kolor Chrome is pretty much the same with one slight difference...the HOK chrome can be applied over any color basecoat. At least that is what I was told by John Kosmoski himself.

Basically what you do is spray your basecoat (we'll say black for arguments sake), clear it, wetsand and polish (if needed), apply chrome, apply clear.

Remember, ANY imperfection on any of the layers will be magnified with the chrome application.

Just a few thoughts and my 2 cents.

Happy Building,


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I've read ... in another magazine...Clay Kemp has used that, looks pretty darn cool, but all of his builds look cool! :wacko: Ok, I'm a dummy, I checked the link, not sure if he used that one or not...I need to let my brain thaw out before I think or type anything..........

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