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With VERY slight mods, you CAN mount that body onna old Revell 34 Ford coupe kit. The Revell kit IS undersized anyway, an the only really good thing about it is it's chassis! BUT the body WILL drop onto the FENDER unit of the 34 and with just a little bitta work an it makes for a REAL nice full fendered Topolino! Mine came out pretty cool, and you WILL have a unique/different model on your shelf. (besides, it's the only way to get a fendered Topo. That I know of.) :);)

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Well, it will be fendered, but I'm not sure you would call them full. Randy is so close, nope not a Silhouette, this time it's a Roth creation and it fits the Topo perfectly, it's the Beatnik Bandit. Now I didn't narrow the little Fiat, it's already pretty small, I did however have to narrow the Bandit about an 1/8".

My first cuts and mock up.



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I glued the Bandit to the Topo right at the body line, so although not stock, it follows a stock line. This left the fenders too low for the cowl. There are "bullets" that run from between the headlights to the back of the fenders. I sliced the body along the outside of the bullet, from the back to about 1/2" shy of the front of the fender.


A small filler piece was cut and glued in place and now the fender lines up with the cowl.


Most of the Topolino body is trimmed way where it overlapped the Bandit body.

The nose had to be narrowed about 1/8". The easiest way to do it was to cut the grille off and then glue it back in place.When the headlights are done, you will never know it's narrower.

I also didn't see a purpose for the bullets and removed the front of them but left the hump in the fender,


Some Mock up shots



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I looked in the bag of parts for the Beatnik Bandit and found almost a complete front suspension in decent shape. The interior tub looks like it might be of use and the frame was a mess.

After cleaning up the frame, it needed to be narrowed about 1/4", the only crossmember in the frame was broken and a mess. I'll start with a simple X frame to start. I like the way the stock front suspension looks, I'll proabably make airbags to replace the springs. I'd like to go IRS on the back, I just need to dig something up, or make something. I might have to shorten the frame a bit, I won't know until I find a rear for it.

The frame,



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