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1961 Impala mild kustom Color and Motor update 11/12

Albie D

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As a second attempt (and 6th build) at a street sweeping Impala Im starting off with Lindburg's 61 Impala SS 409. Im keeping most all the trim on this one, stock bumpers and grills, but getting rid of the door handles, mirrors, and emblems. Getting this one to lay rocker wasnt too hard, just needed to z the front of the frame, flip the spindles and notch a bit to tuck up the exhaust. Had to cut the crossmember in half to bring the motor back in line and clearance the wheel tubs for the upper control arms.




Rear Im keeping simple as I would on a 1:1, keep it stock, and use bags. Gonna need a new track bar though, and actually attach it. First time using Alcad, came out pretty good!



Results, parts stash baby-moons, Hopping Hydros wide whites.


Started the interior,



More updates as they happen..

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Albie, I love your style man. Everything is always smoothed and laid out just the way it's ment to be. I really like what your doing with this one and those wheels look great. They look like the steelies that came in my 57 Belair kit that I used on one of my current builds. Can't wait to see what else you got in store for this, keep it up.

Btw, check out the merc. The last picture shows how far off the ground the rocker is. That front is really being a pain in the balls

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Thanks guys. On this build Im trying to avoid the mistakes of my past models, plus work on adding a little more detail here and there. Most importantly Im striving for a smooth paint job. Ive been practicing with the AB and took a step back from the urethane and 2 part clear, watched Donn Yost's vid and been going crazy with the enamel, cheap laquer thinner on junk bodies. Been getting very pleasing results with this method. Hopefully I will get to spray this car over the weekend. Ill document the process (i.e. impending train wreck) if I do.

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Hi Albie is that the same body that boyd coddington did a bit back super cool love it


Thanks Doobie! Dont know if he ever built a 61, I remember that anti-freeze green 59 or 60 drop top, but in his prolific career Im sure a few rolled into his shop. I gotta check.

:wub: no words can say i like the way this car sits if you have the revell 49 merc 2 in1 custom the chrome wheels no caps would do for this car

Thanks Todd! When a lifetime mini-trucker dives into models, you know the're gonna be planted! I do have that kit (love it) and do have those wheels in my stash box. Problem is the're a bit big. Im guessing scale 16s? Also, I was looking for something deep-dish to get that early 60's vibe. Im saving the Merc steelies for another project though..

Got the car in primer, but the problem is the nice weather. Had to spend the weekend on the bike!

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  • 1 month later...

Its been about 2 months of watching this project collect dust on my bench. Recently Ive blown the cobwebs out and laid some paint on this piece. This has to be the smoothest paint job of my short career. All done with Testors laquer spray bombs, Squadron putty, and a shed load of prep and sanding.

Some mock up pics. This is actual park height!





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Thanks guys!

Yeah Brodie, its the Lindberg kit. Everything fits together well and its a solid kit to say the least. The kit gives nothing in the way of custom options, but thats not too big of a deal.

First off Nate, the spray on chrome is made by Alclad, not Alcad. (Geez, I guess my Boston accent is dropping the Ls now..think I would know how to say what Im selling...) Anyhow, Alclad makes a full line of spray on metal and chrome type simulators. They air brush over a black lacquer base and, in my limited exsperience, give pretty convincing results. The scallops were made using 1/32" fine line (Kustom Paint Shop I believe) tape. After the primer was block sanded down, I misted Testors Diamond Dust over the whole body. Then it was simple as laying down the tape and spraying the Inca Gold. I went with several light coats to minimize build up around the tape. I waited till the gold was almost dry before I pulled the tape. Finally, I carefully sanded the tape lines with 6000 to 12000 before laying down the clear.

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OH YEAH.....Now thats what Im talking about. Love the color combo. But those smoothly's dont fit right with them tires. Need a tire where the rim lip sets flush with the tire.

But thats just what I think.

I was thinking the same thing. But clearance is too tight to push a tire outward to sit flush with the lip. Id have to shorten the rear axle and lose the abilty to pose the front tires. I do think they work well with the late kustom/ pre-historic, post-bomb lowrider vibe Im going for. Think of them as 5.20 Premium Sportways (if they made a wide white) stretched on a reversed chrome wheel.

Thanks for the feedback, thats what I like about this site!

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