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MPC 1966 Pontiac GTO

Marc @ MPC Motorsports

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My ADD had kicked in again. Got this last week via Ebay. It was a decent builder of a rare model that I've wanted for a long time. Here it is before it went for a swim in the purple pond.


I spent a little time Sunday night after the NHRA broadcast and removed the trim and the molded on pinstripe from the drivers side of the car, rocker panel trim, emblems and door handle. Also used my Dremel to open the hood scoop.


Tonight, I worked on rolling stock and stance. This will be a simple, low stress curbside build so metal axles are the rule. Rolling stock is courtesy of Aoshima...19" Kranze LXZ rims with the rear tires from a set of Aoshima Weds Racing 19" rims. These tires are a hair taller and wider than the other 19" tires that come in the VIP series of rims. Perfect for a "big n little" look. The spokes will probably get the blackout treatment.


Here's a close up of the wheel.


My postman delivered some new Modelhaus chrome for it today and I already have a Modelhaus engine plate for the chassis. I'm thinking about a two tone finish using HOK Black Pearl over Chrome Yellow, inspired by this killer 1:1 ride.


More to come...

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Nice find Marc, It looked to be complete and in good shape.

I like what you have planed for that one. can't wait to see more


Ron :rolleyes:

Thanks, Ron. It was in good shape except for some glue melt around the posts that hold the glass and interior tub. The chassis was heavy glued so it will be replaced with one from a reissue 1967. Same with the instrument panel. Chrome will be replaced with Modelhaus repops, which arrived today in the mailbox.

I'm sure there are some purists that are groaning because I've removed the trim from the body :rolleyes: , not to mention everyone else that will argue that I should be building the modern Revell '66 GTO. I figured out that I suffer from an iron deficiency, thus my obsession/addiction to vintage, metal axle model kits. ;)

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To be quite honest with you Marc, I'm surprised it took you this long to get to that GTO! LOL

I really like the way it looks. The Kranze wheels fit perfectly.

The paint scheme will really pop on this build as it does on the 1:1.

Keep the updates coming!


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I figured out that I suffer from an iron deficiency, thus my obsession/addiction to vintage, metal axle model kits. :angry:

It must be common deficiency, because I prefer to build the old amt reissues more than the newer tools. they are easy to build, easy to lower :P and easy to modify.

Incase you didn't know. To get pass the metal axle threw the block problem I use penny nails with the pointed end cut to the right lenth, then super-glued into the wheel backs while holding the nail through the chassis in to the wheel backs untill the glue dries. Some time you have to glue the nail to the chassis because of excess camber (the tops of the wheels point towards the center of the vehicle).

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