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1969 Dodge Daytona by AMT


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This is my 1969 Dodge Daytona.

This kit was a messed up. nothing fit. The Hood does'nt fir at all,(I build the big engine) exhaust too short to attach to the manifold. No big tire on the back for the race car (But they put the big rims in it)

I tested my paint method and acrylic paint on this car. Here's the pictures




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Nice job on that build. Can you post a photo of the box art? If you built the newest release with the red car on the box, Round 2 simplified and cheapened this kit by excluding many of the optional parts. You have to cut a hole in the hood for supercharger clearance. The older versions included a hood scoop and big tires for the rear custom rims.

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I used Americana paint acrylic. My next kit I want to buy some tamiya paint (It's a kenworth W900).

Yeah I know for the orange peel I think that I was too far from the body when I was spraying the color. The clear coat is Testor lacquer clear coat it's look really shiny.

For the Hood I cut it and put the scoop but I think the engine is a little too far from the front of the car and it doesn't fit.

Here's the picture of the box and another picture of the engine:



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