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49 mercury smooth lead sled ...clear coat on smooth as glass


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thnx both !!

first time i did the following >>

adding more detail to the undercarridge / chassis , the idea is it has to look vintage custom like its driven well .. no trailer queen .. so the overal look i want it to look clean and shiney but still maintain the vintage used feel

so when the chassis is done i will paint the exhaust and lines and maybe do a mild wash , not real weathering and no rust but more a used look

started on some brackets , fuelline etc






hmm pretty small brackets around the fuelline haha


some more brackets , not done yet where it runs through the chassis i need to make some and clean it up


when these are done i will make some thinner lines for the brakes

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alright in my enthousiasm i ran the exhausts ...over the gastank .. so i got some comments on that .. grrrr i was bummed ...

i'm going to leave them like this .. i can bend these to go left and right pass the tank and i have the spare wheel thing .. ..

if i could do it over i would cut out the spare wheel buldge and then change the gastank so i would had more clearance .

but well at this point i wil leave it like this

i did gave the undeside a coat of matt black to make it more like a real used car .. , did the fuellines chrome , gave everything a first wash .. the middel will also get clamps on the fuelline but i can only do that when everything is assembled due to the way the interiourtub needs to be wiggeled in when fitting everything

the fuelline shot on a more normal distance , looks less thick then on the previous close ups


dit the inside of the pipe black and gave the pipe and edge around the hole with some mild chrome , more like a wash ..

now i want to make some clapms and brakets to make it look like the exhaust is in rubebrs instead of the clamps i put around


dryfit on all wheels




engine (not finished)



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ooh tod sorry but no flames would be the last thing i'd do ... some are real cool but i have never been a big flame fan ...

not disliking it but ...if i have a choice no flames :) i recently did some on the salt racer i made , that was a build from left over parts and a rebuild of an old model and there i did flames .. liked it because it added something ..

but in general naahhh :)

here is a pic. with the interiour tub on , so the floor is closed , also painted the resonaters red ... now i need to run brake lines and make exhaust brakets so it looks suspended in rubbers .. oh and later add more fuelline clamps


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painted it black :) decided that was the best color for the style and feel of the car .. i want to do a nother one in the future more extreme modded and do that a wild color

so this is the base coat of black i will polish this then it becomes smooth as glass and then do clearcoat and polish that as well ..

i think then it will get a deep shine and reflection and the body will really come to life




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got a new grille from a corvette m, the previous wheels hmm the chrome came loose and there was red under it .. lousy quality .. so i found some moondisc like hubcaps that shine like a mirror .. theyt where to flat and i found some cool shiney certers from a set of rims and put those on the moons .. and got a custom hubcap




now when all the chrome is on and the clear coat i think that will really pop .. i almost would leave it semi gloss .. pretty cool like that .. but i will put on clear just because then those lines aremuch more accentuated and i think it will look even better

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Can't wait to see it. I am a rattle can guy myself and there are a few little tricks that can be done to get beautiful results. I have no worries of your abilities to make this look killer. Keep it up

yes i have a airbrush set up .. and never used it .. bought it second hand from a guy i know , big compressor with everything on and a badger airbrush and a lot of extra's ... i want to try it this summer and spray in the shed ... but i also swear by rattle cans .. and these are from a diy market and are awsome .. always a great result ..

Looks good. What you're doing with adding parts from one hubcap to another one is exactly the way the guys came up with something unique on the 1:1 cars way back when. History repeating itself, in scale.

you know what is funny that i didnt know .. so extra cool , thnx btw cool info !!!

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Looks awesome! Don't worry about that exhaust over the gas tanks.... surely it won't get hot enough to go BOOM.

thnx !!!

my best result ever .. zero orange peel , its like glass ... and the reflections are breathtaking , sorry to say myself but i was soo happy with the result !!

tomorrow i will take pics in the daylight these are in the dark and in daylight with maybe the sky as reflection outside i think then it will show much better .. also then in daylight you will see the bodylines better

first on this pic you kind of can see that its real smooth


used the pc screen as lightsource .. a bit like they do in car factorys to inspect the paint for imperfections :)






so yes i'm a happy camper right now !! cant waight to put on all the chrome

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