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New readers: don't be disparaged by these first posts! It gets better, I promise!

Trying to find a 1/24 or 1/25 farm tractor was not something I wanted to pursue any further. AMT Ertl made some, but I don't have $90 plus shipping to buy models. I had this Freightliner cabover lying around which I hated and it's lending its parts to this tractor I'm making. I have a lot of reference for tractor stuff, as there are some examples of these fine machines in the yard :D


This is our Farmall H, of which I'm getting basic tractor-y ideas from.

More to come....

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Yeah, I was thinking that! :( just ran out of plastic, though.

This tractor is what I'm planning on being a piece of historical fiction, something with a fake backstory and whatnot.

I was just told it was a Cummins engine in here. It was from a White Freightliner, so the engine is anachronistic. I'm thinking fifties or sixties styling on this, mostly because of the tricycle front end. Also decided to scrap the bucket idea because a trike tractor with a fully loaded bucket is NOT cool to drive.

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