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CHEAP Sanding sticks

28 December 2012 - 07:35 PM

Most know about using emery boards for sanding...

Today I was in DOLLAR TREE (Everything is MAX $1!),and they had 36 Emery boards in 5 different sizes for $1.  Range from very thin ones to regular size..  I used the smallest one just today to sand the pillar between the front doors and  back side windows, and the C pillars on the AMT 75 Chevy Blazer, and it was PERFECT size.

Baywatch Ranger

10 August 2012 - 06:23 AM

built using parts from at least 5 different kits, resin parts, and scratchbuilt parts.
body and chassis are just the stock Ranger Splash kit, wheels and tires are from the 4x4 Ranger kit, bed box is resin, rescue cans and decals are from Lindberg's Baywatch Toyota, lightbar from the AMT Ecto 1 kit, sufboard from AMT 64 Mercury Marauder, the bed framing is sprue sanded, and builting into a rack. Yes, I know there is no BMF (bacvk then it was a joke to use... not sure if it;s gotten any better), I am aware the glass fell down, although I didnt notice that, until AFTER taking the photos. This poor truck is 1 of my pride and joys, but has suffered a few terrible accidents... including a ride off if a high shelf nose first into the floor, and then the bumper got stepped on while looking for all the parts, never did find the side mirrors... if I could ever find a extended cab, I'd love to do another, now that there are proably aftermarket decals, and better resin casters for the bed box, and such.

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but it is still 1 of my favorite builds.... and 1 of my earliest kit bashings.

1 of few reference photos I had..
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71 Road Runner TV Car

09 August 2012 - 04:26 PM

Built this years ago... before I could get GOOD images of her TV car.. so built it from memory and a really cruddy frame freeze... currently got another on the back burner that is much more screen accurate. <LOL>

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car on the show didnt have the chin spoilers, rear wing, grabber hood, and had different rims.

otherwise I like the car!<LOL> It has actually held up GREAT, and still looks the same 10+ years later.

Force 440 Dodge Monaco

06 August 2012 - 01:13 PM

Years ago I picked up a open kit at a swap meet (I think).. when I opened the box, I was pleased to see TWO bodies in there (sadly only 1 rear bumper and tail lights).. with all my AMT Goon Cars, I had plenty of donor parts to almost build the 2nd. 1 will end up as a STOCK civilian car, but the one I am currently working on, is ANYTHING but stock...

It will have a donor motor with wit a blower through the hood, chassis and proably engine will be donoted by a pro street 70 Super Bee Pro Street kit, Goon Car interior tub (sinces its a 2 door tub anyways) with racing seats, roll cage, etc... and a set of CUSTOM Hazzard Sheriff Decals and low profile lightbar of some sort.... I am calling it "Rosco's Revenge"...
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AMT 72 Nova

06 August 2012 - 01:13 PM

Started this kit years ago, but then it got bumped a few times to the back burner.... but this week, it went back up front...
Building it as my old high school ride known as "The Bondo Buggy" (Rich kids didnt know difference between PRIMER and Bondo, I guess) looked when NEW.... sadly I never got the car restored as planned.... and ended up selling it to my best buddy. (paid $300 in earl/mid 80s, sold for $200, he then sold it to another guy on payments, and got screwed out of his money when the car "dissapeared"... always wondered it's fate... sadly as a 11-12 year old car, I fear I know it's fate.) if I can find pics of the REAL car,I will post em... and will be taking pics of the model at it's current state in a day or 3.. I found 2 split bench seats in my parts box that had a similar look (cant recall if it had head rests or not.), and filled in the split for the back seat, and have it primered... had body all prepped and ready for paint.. when I noticed the 350 fender badges... that are now gone... mine was a 250 straight 6.. (which I am looking for something close or right.. without having to buy the Trumpeter 63 Nova that I would never build.) This CURRENT buildup will not have the dents and dings, primer and rust, etc.. that mine had... maybe the next one wil!?

wow, hard to accept that a CLASSIC 72 Nova was only about 11 or 12 years old, back then!<LOL> Thats like a 2000 car!! Try to find one of THOSE for $300 that isnt scrap metal or a bucket of rust with wheels!! Now a 72 Nova FENDER costs more then that!!! Hoping I can do the ole girl justice.. 1 of a couple of cars from my past, that I would LOVE to find again... but never will. (Don't even know where to start, and no clue what the VIN # is/was...) Love to find my 2 Mustang IIs, but both of those went to my cousin, who later junked them.... sadly.. interiors were cherry in them, and bodies were complete.. just bad/missing motors. Also love to find my 96 Mustang... tha twas my baby, and only "new" (15,000 miles) car that I ever owned.... sold it to get married.... should have kept the car... would have cost less, and gave me less headaches!<LOL> But.. enough OFF TRACK stuff... does anyone have any reference photos of a barebones 72 Nova interior? and exterior if copper/bronze metallic?